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Raw Sauerkraut

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Raw Sauerkraut Recipe, How To Make Raw Sauerkraut Recipe

About Recipe


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Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
30 mins
Total time
40 mins
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Cabbage
Servings : 2 persons
Published date : November 09, 2016

Ingredients used in RAW SAUERKRAUT
• Salt - 3 tablespoons.
• Radishes leaves - 4 bunch.
• Parsley with stems and root if possible - 3-4 numbers.
• Green cabbage - 5 lbs.
• Hot peppers - 10-20 numbers.
• Ginger - half lbs.
• Onion - 1 number.
• Leek - 1 bunch.
• Garlic - 4 cloves.
• Burdock root - 2 lbs.
• Dil leaves - 3 numbers.
  • First off, you will need a crock for fermenting food at room temperature. It will stay preserved for a long time if done in the right crock.
  • If you know how to make pottery I suggest you make one just like this one here because its the kind I have and its really nice, the only problem for most people is that its expensive, but worth its weight in gold for your health.
  • I used to make it in gallon glass mason jars but it always messed up, and with this style crock I have, it turns out perfect every time And all you do is shred the cabbage (save a few leaves for covering the top), and the other ingredients if possible.
  • And for those that cant be shredded - chop it all into little pieces or put it into a food processor, and dump it in the crock. Salt it all as you go with the 3 tablespoon salt.
  • Then put the leaves on top. Put the weights on, and put it in a warm place with the water seal full. Be sure to keep the water seal full because it will evaporate. And you can eat it after about 14 days, but I suggest at least a month. That way you wont fart, and it will be much better for your digestion.
  • Its very medicinal. I have pureed everything before and fermented it, and it works fine - just dont push down the weights when you do that, otherwise the puree will squish up. Just wait, and the brine will come above the weights. And as for the garlic/onion/leek.
  • I dont like that in my stuff. It tastes fine, its just that I get those things in my diet other ways. And because of the huge amount of parsley and dill - it will keep your armpits smelling nice - so no need for deodorant. As long as you eat enough everyday. I eat about halfa cup of it.

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