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Baingan ka bharta

Baigan bharta is made of roasted eggplant and other spices giving a distinctive flavor and taste to the dish. ...

Date: - Mar 19, 2019

VANGYACHI BARITH - Baingan bharta Maharashtrian

Vangyachi Barith is a yummy dish made from roasted eggplant and spices. It is otherwise also known as Baigan ka bharta in Hindi....

Date: - Jan 30, 2019

Egg Baigan Bharta Mirza Ghassemi

Egg Baigan Bharta or Mirza Ghassemi is a popular Northern Iranian appetizer or main based dish having distinctive taste and flavours....

Date: - Mar 16, 2019

Vankaya Perugu Pachadi

Vankaya perugu pachadi is a simple eggplant raita easy to make with unique flavors. Best goes with rice, pongal, pulagam....

Date: - Feb 22, 2019

Baba Ghanoush

Baba ghanoush is a Levantine dish of cooked eggplant mixed with onions, tomatoes, olive oil and various seasonings. ...

Date: - Dec 28, 2018

Smoked Banjaran Baingan Bartha

A traditional dish from the native foods of South India, prepared in minutes and goes well with simple roti or naan....

Date: - Dec 18, 2018


It is a semi-solid recipe and vegetable added with lentils which form a tasty dish. ...

Date: - Mar 18, 2019


This is a recipe for a healthy party snack with a twist of eggplant pizza....

Date: - Jun 20, 2018

Aaloo Bhurta

ALOO KA BHARTA Recipe made easy, learn how to make ALOO KA BHARTA Recipes at home....

Date: - Nov 17, 2016


How to makeALOO KA BHARTA ?How to cookALOO KA BHARTA ?Learn the recipeALOO KA BHARTA by vahchef.For all recipes visit

Date: - Nov 27, 2016

Baingan bharta

How to makeBaingan bharta?How to cookBaingan bharta?Learn the recipeBaingan bhartaby vahchef.For all recipes visit

Date: - Nov 23, 2016

Gilki Bharta (Sponge Gourd Bharta)

This is one of the easiest and great tasting dish. One who can operate a stove and cut vegetable can make this. Garlic is added a liitle later in this to maintain its raw flavor...

Date: - Nov 14, 2016


Baigan bharta is basically a north Indian dish popular all over India. Baigan bharta is made of roasted eggplant and other spices giving a...

Date: - Sep 10, 2016

Egg Baigan Bharta Mirza Ghassemi

Egg Baigan Bharta Mirza Ghassemi is a delicious blend of roasted eggplant, tomato puree, garlic, egg and spices mixed together to make...

Date: - Sep 12, 2016

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