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Spicy Raw Plantain Fritters

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Spicy Raw Plantain Fritters Recipe, haree kela sukhi sabji, How To Make Spicy Raw Plantain Fritters Recipe

This is a delicious snack recipe, plantain are rich in fiber which can lower your cholesterol level. Plantain fritters have more vitamins A and C when compared to potato fritters.

About Recipe

Akupachha arati vepudu, Valaikkay varuval, Sabuja kala Bhaja


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Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
10 mins
Total time
20 mins
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Green Plantain
Servings : 4 persons
Published date : March 19, 2019

• Raw plantain - 1 numbers.
• Chick pea flour - 2 cup.
• Rice flour - 1/4 cup.
• Carom seeds - 1 tea spoon.
• Cooking soda - 1/4 tea spoon.
• Turmeric powder - 1/2 tea spoon.
• Salt - to taste.
• Oil - 1 to fry.
• Red chilli powder - 1 tablespoon.
• Ginger garlic paste - 1 tablespoon.
  • First, peel the plantain, cut into thin slices and place them in water.
  • Take a bowl and add chickpea flour, rice flour, carom seeds, salt, cooking soda, red chilli powder and mix thoroughly.
  • Take another bowl, add ginger garlic paste, little water to mix it well.
  • To it, add mixture chickpea flour and mix thoroughly by adding water until it reaches the bajji batter consistency.
  • Now take the plantain slice into cloth towel to remove the moisture.
  • Then dip the plantain in batter and deep fry in hot oil.

Now the hot plantain fritters are ready to serve with any sauce or chutney.

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Sha nur Posted on Fri Jun 28 2013

Thank You chef...What Are u dipping the Bajjis with...before eating...?

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Quenya Posted on Fri Jun 28 2013

aratikai bajji ante... it must be slit with onions and mirchi mixture inserted inside sprinkling peanuts and lemon,...

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Neththra'sVision Posted on Fri Jun 28 2013

I really like this wedding bajji, thank you so much chef Sanjay Thumma!

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AnTreasach Posted on Fri Jun 28 2013

Heh, sounds like you said "wedding budgies" :)

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Lupa Killjoy Posted on Fri Jun 28 2013

I really need to stop watching your videos before I eat! Everything you cook looks so yummy.

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Anand Alphonse Posted on Fri Jun 28 2013

I can see the snake guard roundels :O

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hakeem0996 Posted on Sat Jun 29 2013

That's so interesting .I'm caribbean so we make tostones ,boil or grill our plantains .didn't think plantains were used in indian cuisine .My only question why scrape the skin instead of just peeling the plantains ?

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hakeem0996 Posted on Sat Jun 29 2013

it's what most people in the US refers to as cooking banana for the rest of the world it's called plantains.

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Preethi Jothish Posted on Sat Jul 06 2013

Chef your great!

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Valencia Cabral Posted on Tue Jul 09 2013

Dear Chef your zest for cooking is so amaaazing....if theres anyone who can love food and explain it so well its you......hats off to

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Malini Sekhar Posted on Sat Aug 31 2013


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Dwarakamai Posted on Sun Apr 12 2015

In USA they serve even in all the restaraunt buffets I have had ,pretty much in most of the southindian restaraunts.?

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