Corn Tikki Patties
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Author tamrapalli Yield No Value
Published Apr 20, 2008 Cooking Time 5 Minutes
Recipe Type Appetizers Preparation Time 15 Minutes
Ingredient Corn Standing Time 5 Minutes

recipe by Tamprapali ---- Corn is an all time favourite snack amongst everyone.The recipe below enhances the taste and sweetness of corn in its own way.Try it to believe it.

Recipe of Corn Tikki Patties

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
All Purpose Flour As Required 1 Tablespoons
Coriander Leaves/cilantro(chopped) 1/4 Bunch
Garam Masala Powder 1 Pinch
Ginger Garlic Paste 1 Teaspoons
Green Chillies -to Taste 2 Numbers
Cumin Seeds 1 Teaspoons
Fried Chana Dal-Dhalia 1/2 Cup
Fresh Corn Kennel/frozen Corn 2 Cup
Salt To Taste
Oil/Ghee To Fry


Preparation :- 1. Clean out the corn cob by running the knife vertically or thaw the frozen corn(for atleast 20mins) before preparing corn tikki/patties. 2. For the Mixture :- a) Make a coarse mixture of green chillies,cumin seeds,chopped coriander ,gingergarlic paste & the binding indgrediant chanadal (dalia) in a food processor. b)After the coarse textured mixture is ready ,add corn to it. c) Blend it again and place the mixture in a seperate bowl.Add salt to the corn mixture and mix well. (Note:- The final corn mixture will have little moisture oozed out of corn) d) To get a firm texture add maida/all purpose flour & mix well. e) Make dumplings out of the mixture & press it gently to give it a round shape. 3. Cooking Details:- Two ways corn tikkis can be prepared -shallow fry (on a non-stick pan) or Deep fry (in kadhai). For shallow fry :- a)Take a nonstick pan & place it on medium heat .Then place corn tikkis on it. b) Add a drop or two of oil/ghee on each tikki respectively.Allow it cook for a while. c) As they get golden brown from bottom turn them & cook the other side in the same way . . For Deep-Fry :- a) Heat oil in a kadai or deep surfaced pan with minimum one inch of oil. b) Check the temperature for cooking the tikkis by adding a small piece into the oil. If it floats up without breaking then its ready . c) Add the tikkis slowly in the oil & cook till golden brown. 4.Hot & crisp tikkis/patties are ready to be served.

Recipe Tips

1. The mixture should be coarse . 2. Corn will ooze out water so the amount of maida/all purpose flour can be adjusted as per requirement.
Posted Apr 20, 2008

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swati dadlani Apr 21, 2012
It was more nitritious and colourful when I added grated carrots.and tasted well with green chitney.It is a goodtime starter.

raji Jan 4, 2010
Today I just saw 20 videos at a stretch ,the way you tell,the pace your narration, your expressions when you taste,what not everything made me see more n more , you r just great.Really you inspired me to cook right away something special and to eat them.Thank you sanjay garu.

Sandhya Kamath Aug 10, 2009
That is one good and easy recipe for a snack.And since it does not need to be deep fried it healthy too.One change I made in the recipe is that I added some bread crumbs in the end instead of all purpose flour.It absorbs the moisture and makes the patties crispy brown too.Thank you.

sunita Jul 29, 2009
wow this one is great sanjay but what happened that u are not giving any more recipes pls ur work is really wonderful thanks for teaching .

sunita Jul 29, 2009
wow this one is great sanjay but what happened that u are not giving any more recipes pls ur work is really wonderful thanks for teaching .

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