Curry leafs rice
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Author daraninaidu79 Yield No Value
Published Jan 21, 2008 Cooking Time 5 Minutes
Recipe Type Rices Preparation Time 10 Minutes
Ingredient Coconut Standing Time 5 Minutes
Description: curry leafs (kurvepaku), tamerind( Chintha pandu), whole red chilli ( endu mirchi), freshly grated coconut ( pachi kobbari thurumu), dry fruits any Oil + Ghee, rice, cooked onerecipe by(daraninaidu)

Recipe of Curry leafs rice

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Rice 500gms 2cups Cup
Oil+ Ghee it should be enough to fry all the ingrediant
Coconut half cup
Temarind less than lemon size
Red Chillies depends on taste
Curry Leafs 2cufs Cup


pls cook rice and keep on room temparature to get cool and u take curry leafs and tamerind, red chilli coconut paste them finely and keep it aside take a pan pore oil+ ghee and fry all the besic dry fruits avalu cumin seeds and all add this paste let it sorte some time and take away and mix well with this rice it taste very yummy yummy to enjoy lunch or dinner its very good to serve to the guest also they will get wonder pls if u can modify if u can make better taste with this is very good taste

 recipe by(daraninaidu) vahchef did not add nuts as he has plans to eat it with chops , but you can cook it to your liking

Posted Jan 21, 2008

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18 hours ago
AnamikaD • Jan 13, 2010
Plz do not change a person's nature.His taste too may change,and you may not like him any more.

Jun 24, 2014
Hello sanjay,
Today i tried this curry leaves rice... just cant say in words... really really awesome!!

Krithika Baskaran Sep 18, 2011
Fry 3 dry red chillies, 2 tbsp urad dal in a little of oil.
add washed curry leaves & grated coconut and fry again until leaves turn crispy.
Grind the above with salt and tamarind (lemon sized).
Goes best with steamed rice flavored with some ghee. I can even die for it ;-)

AnamikaD Jan 13, 2010
Hello Sanjay,

I love your recipes; but could you tone down your exuberance in the videos. For one, it seems artificial and secondly it is a tad annoying.

Another point, when you do post your recipes, a) could you define the proportions properly. I am a fairly seasoned cook and can eye-ball the ingredients, but for novices measurements would be immensely useful! b) Put it through a spell-checker - you do not want an international audience to think you cannot spell!

Otherwise, keep up the good work and keep those recipes coming.


sameera Feb 21, 2009
easy and very simple and yummy.
thank you

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