Mutton Chukka Varuval (Madurai style)
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Author mathivanand Yield No Value
Published Feb 6, 2008 Cooking Time 20 Minutes
Recipe Type Non Veg-Main Preparation Time 30 Minutes
Ingredient Lamb Standing Time 20 Minutes
Description: A typical mutton (lamb) chukka varuval that you get only in Madurai and surroundings. It goes well with hot rice and rasam.

Recipe of Mutton Chukka Varuval (Madurai style)

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Coiander Powder 6 Teaspoons
Chilly Powder 2 Teaspoons
Aniseed Powder Half Teaspoons
Curry Leaves 10 Piece
Sesame Oil 2 Teaspoons
Sunflower Oil 5 Tablespoons
Small Onions 250 Grams
Salt To Taste
Turmeric Powder 1 Pinch
Mutton Boneless 1000 Grams
Cumin Powder 2 Teaspoons
Water 100 ml
Pepper Powder 1 Teaspoons


1. Cut mutton into smallpieces. Add mutton, Water Turmeric & salt and cook in medium heat in a cooker for 4 whistles. 2. Cut small onion in rounds and fry it in oil and add curry leaves and aniseeds (saunf) and fry 3. Add mutton (with gravy), chilly powder, coriander powder & cumin powder and fry till water evaporates and mutton gets brown coloured & emits aroma 4. Add sesame oil and pepper powder; mix and use.

Recipe Tips

Try to get tender lamb, preferably shoulder piece.
Posted Feb 6, 2008

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priraj Aug 17, 2012
I tried your recipe it came out very well..but i also added little bit of curry masala to enhance the taste ,it was really tasty and yummy.

mukthar Mar 10, 2012
ok turned out ok but please do upload the video
THANKS : ) ; )

Arasan Feb 5, 2012
Good easy to make.

Begum Ibrahim Aug 28, 2011
Nice easy to follow recipe...turned out quite nice....Many thanks :)

Another small variation is to add a dash of lemom/lime jiuce over the mutton just before serving. Adss a zing to it.

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