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Masala Vada
Masala Vada is a savory fritter prepared with Chana dal (gram dal) and few spices. They are deep fried and served hot. Masala vada is one of the popular snacks from the South India. Vada or Vadai can be prepared of any size or shape but usually is like a doughnut or disc shaped about 5 to 8 cm across in size.
The masala vada is prepared from dal, lentil, gram flour or . Masala vada is also an Andhra special street food and snack, most often being sold at Railway Platforms; they are crunchy outside but soft inside. They are best when served along with chutney and some hot chai (tea).
Chana dal or the gram dal has a nice sweet and nutty flavor. Chana dal is very popular in India. 
They're made from splitting a small relative of the chickpea in half.  They're a dull yellow and are renowned for causing flatulence, which Indians try to counter by adding asafetida to the dish.  Chana dal has a very high nutritious value. It is praised by diabetics for its incredibly low index on the glycemic index. Bengal gram is often stewed with vegetables, especially bitter gourds and squashes.
The Masala vada’s exquisite flavor and deep aroma brought to perfection over the centuries evoke and accentuate the subtlest nuances of taste. Its gritty, yielding texture has been prized for being addictive in nature and gentle on the tongue. Vada varieties are many in South India, and masala vada is one of the most popular and my favorite.
Composed of chana dal and spices, grounded and fried, held with the fingers, vadas are eaten like a snack or part of the main meal with much delight. There are several versions of masala vada. Masala vadai is a staple food in all breakfast menus as well in a lot of festival platters. It is even more popular as street food and is usually available in any street corner tea shop.
Having Masala vada with hot tea on a rainy day is pure bliss. For preparing the Masala vada, soak chana dal in water for at least 4 hours. Strain dal to remove water. Dry the dal till the moisture gets dried. This helps to make the masala vadas proper and they absorb very little of oil in which they are fried. Add cinnamon sticks, dry red chillies, cumin seed and chana dal. Process the ingredients until they form a coarse mixture. Don’t grind too smooth. Transfer the mixture to a bowl. If required you can add fistful of besan (chana dal flour) mix and combine well. Coarse texture and intact chana dal are the two essential elements in a memorable vada experience.
On your palm (hand), shape the mixture into one to two inch round patties of about half-inch thickness. Heat oil for deep frying. Gently add the vadas to hot oil and and fry to golden color in batches. This is traditional method. Alternatively, fry the vadas on a lightly oiled skillet until they are lightly browned on both sides.

Recipe: Masala Vada

Summary: crispy lentil dumpling


  1. besan , channadal flour - 0
  2. channadal - 200 - grams
  3. cinnamon sticks - 3 - piece
  4. curry leaves - 4 - leaf
  5. gr chilli - 1 - number
  6. jeera -1- tsp
  7. oil - 1- to fry
  8. onion fine chopped - 1 - small
  9. red chilli whole - 4 - number
  10. salt - 1- to taste


  1. soak channa dal , blend cinnamom,red chilli and cumin and add channa dal and coarsly blend as shown add rest of the ingredients ,a dd besan if the mixture is not bonding make into flat dumplings and deef fry in medium heat till golden color and crispy

Cooking time (duration): 25

Diet type: Vegetarian

Number of servings (yield): 4

Meal type: snack

My rating: 5 stars:  ★★★★★ 1 review(s)

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Serve the vadas hot as a tasty snack or part of the vindu bhojanam. They stay good for a week when refrigerated. But Masala vadas taste best when they are freshly prepared. If you reheat in the oven they will not be as crispy. Next time it rains or its colds serve a hot plate of delicious Masala vadas with chutney. It’s awesome!

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