Carrot Cauliflower pickle
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Author vahchef Yield No Value
Published Apr 24, 2009 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Dipping/Pickles Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Cauliflower Standing Time 1 hour
Description: Carrot & cauliflower pickle is a mixed vegetable pickle prepared by adding lemon juice and other spices. It is made of raw vegetable and seasoned with spices like the chilli powder, mustard powder, garlic etc. Has a nice tangy hot sweet crunchy pickle.

Recipe of Carrot Cauliflower pickle

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Curry Leaves Small
Hing pinch
Garlic 5 - 6
Red Chilli Dry 3
Cumin Seed 1/2 Teaspoons
Mustard Seeds 1/2 Teaspoons
OIL 1/2 Cup
GARLIC PASTE 1 Teaspoons
Salt (To Taste)
Tumeric Powder pinch
Methi Seeds Powder /femugreek Powder PINCH
Red Chilli Powder 1/2 Cup
Mustard Powder 1/4 Cup
Califlower 1 Cup
Carrot 1 Cup
Lemon Juice 2 Small


1. Slice the Carrot and Califlower into small cubes and keep it a side.
2. Take  bowl add Red chilli powder,mustard powder,fenugreek powder,garlic mashed,turmeric powder mix this well and keep it a side.
3.Take pan heat oil add mustard seeds,cumin seeds,red chillies,hing,garlic once it is done switch off the flame and add curry leaves keep this temepring a side till it cool down
4. Now take spices mixture add temepring into it and mix it well, now add cut Carrot and califlower cubes into it and mix it well at last add lemon uice. keep this mixture for 6hrs  a side.
Posted Apr 24, 2009

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Vjbunny Feb 21, 2012
How long can this pickle be stored?

pushpa chetty Apr 26, 2009
you can soak the carrot and cucumber cubes in vinegar for an hour .throw vinegar and mix spices. stays for months in fridge.

Bano Apr 25, 2009
thank you your recipes are very good and your teaching method is also good.this pickle recipe is also vary easy.and this taste will be very enjoy full.

Bano Apr 25, 2009
thank you for sending recipies and we like that pickle rracipie is very enjoyfull and easy.

Ashok Apr 25, 2009
This Pickle can be more enjoyable if one uses a bit of Jaggery (Gur), & mix one tea spoon of vinegar to this mixture. It will also increase the shelf life of pickle. Regards!

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