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Chicken Drum Beater


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Chicken Drum Beater Recipe, How To Make Chicken Drum Beater Recipe

Minced chicken seasoned and made into dumplings to just stick it to the skewers in the shape of drum beater and deep fry especially kid will like this kind of snacks.

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Prep time
15 mins
Cook time
20 mins
Total time
35 mins
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Chicken
Servings : 4 persons
Published date : March 02, 2019

Ingredients used in CHICKEN DRUM BEATER
• Corn flour - 1/2 cup.
• Coriander or parsley (chopped) - 1 tablespoon.
• Red chilly flakes - 1 tea spoon.
• Garlic chopped - 1 tablespoon.
• Oil - to fry.
• Salt - to taste.
• Pepper powder - 1 tablespoon.
• Cream - 2 tablespoons.
• Chicken fat - 100 grams.
• Chicken - 500 grams.
• All purpose flour - 1 cup.
• Baking soda - 1/4 tea spoon.
• Egg - 1 number.
• White pepper powder - 1/4 tea spoon.
• Lime juice (optional) - 1 tablespoon.
  • First cut the chicken breast into small pieces and add chicken fat then blend in a blender, make a nice coarse mince.
  • In the mince add cream, pepper powder, salt, garlic, red chilly flakes, chopped parsley or chopped coriander, lime juice(optional) mix it well.
  • Divide the mixture into equal portions and shape them like a drumbeaterusing sticks.
  • In a bowl add corn flour, all-purpose flour, pepper powder, salt, baking soda, mix this and add beaten egg, water,makeitinto a thick batter.
  • Now roll this chicken drum beater in the batter and put it into hot oil and deep fry them.

Serve hot with tomato basil sauce.

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Dhiya Almosawi Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

WoooW ... Thank u Chef This is New Recipe

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Jacqueline S Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

Lol chef! Love your food and your jokes! You're an inspiration to many and you have no idea as to how much you've inspired me to cook!

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nonni549 Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

Fantastic ! Thanks chef .

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AllUrUtubeRbelong2me Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

I love this guy.

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olga240170 Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

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Roukayya Mangrolia Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

Waaow im in hospital for a while..and you make me feel running straight to my kitchen to try this!!! That s what u called "inspiring others to cook!! The one and onky vahchef!!

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um ibrahim Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

More kids recipes plazas Thank u ..

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staygulf83 Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

Onky vahchef? Or do you mean wonky vahchef?

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sten beetlex Darma Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

only...not wonky

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tootoshah Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013


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bintlooda Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

The beganing was confusing for me lol i thought i am still watching the burger recipie video ;p

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Ania's Kitchen Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

My kids will love it :) thank you so much!

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