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Arbi fry

Arbi Fry, is very simple and delicious recipe with fresh spices like chilli powder and curry leaves. It can be served with complete South Indian meal as side dish. Arbi fry is a mildly spiced dish and no onion or garlic is used. It is taken as starter or appetizer. Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, this perfect yummy preparation of Arbi fry takes center stage in daily dinner menu. There are different methods of making Arbi fry at home and you can serve it in various style as well.

Fry, the act of cooking food in oil or ghee. A variety of foods can be fired like potato chips, eggs, bread, French fries, noodles, doughnuts, and vegetables like brinjal, potato, Ladies finger and many more. Standard frying techniques are stir frying, shallow fry, deep fry and pan fry. Frying techniques vary in type of cooking vessel, cooking time and manipulation of food.

Arbi is also known as arvi, kachhu or kachalu, Colocasia and Taro root. It is root vegetable with high dietary fiber, proteins and minerals. Arbi leaves (coated with gram flour, spices and fried as a snack) and root- tuber (the tuber is fried or curried and eaten with rice) are used for cooking all over the world. Other recipes like Arbi Vadai and Arbi ka salan are made with Arbi.

Curry leaves, are natural flavoring agents. It is used in most of the curries. As they are often used in curries it is called as curry leaves. Scientific name of the curry leave plant is Murraya Koenigii Spreng. Nutrients found in curry leaves are carbohydrates, energy, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, copper and minerals. 

Cooking Tips:

  • Cut Arbi into pieces and wrap them in a cloth to avoid sticky texture, so we can fry it easily.
  • Sprinkle amchoor powder at last instead of lemon or curry leaves to add more tangy flavors to it.

Health Tips:

  • Taro is one of the best sources of Vitamin A, E, C. This can be used as an Antioxidant.
  • Taro is one of the finest sources dietary fibers which helps in prevention of diabetes.
  • Taro provide healthy amounts of some of important minerals like zinc, magnesium,copper, iron, and manganese. 
  • Curry leaves protects liver from damage
  • Chemical constituents present in curry leaves include carbazole alkaloids.

Honour your dining place with the presence of this Arbi Fry!!


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