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Magical Mushroom

Every thing about Magical Mushroom | Vahrehvah :


Mushrooms are magical ingredients as they do wonders with flavours because they can acquire the taste of any spices added to them and are very easy to cook as well. Fresh mushrooms are versatile and can be added to a variety of dishes to savour and enhance their flavour.

Mushrooms are a perfect meal buddies that can be added to any veggies or non-veg dishes. They add exquisite flavours when added in salads, zesty pastas, pizzas, moreover fresh mushroom just go about with anything.  They serve as the best meat alternative because they have a hearty rich quality and meaty like texture. They add good amount of nutritional contribution to the dish. They are considered as the powerhouse of nutrition.

Mushrooms are loaded with antioxidants and are low in calories. They are also fat-free, a source of dietary fiber, rich in B-vitamins and various other minerals. So they are perfect to be added to health food and for weight control. Amazingly there are different varieties of mushroom having different tastes and textures.

Their distinctive flavour and texture makes them a fantastic choice to add into any savoury dishes. They are also great on Kebabs, pie fillings, pizzas, soups, risotto, and burgers or could also be added in a variety of stir fries. They emanate a wonderful earthy flavour to the dish.

Mushrooms also have taken their place in Indian cooking. There are a wide variety of Indian recipes where mushroom are added such as mushroom curry cooked in Indian spices, mushroom paneer, fried mushroom, mushroom paratha, mushroom tikka, mushroom stuffed omelette and in pulaos.

Few veggies likes bell pepper, peas, potatoes when combined with mushroom make a great medley of flavours. Finally whatever may be your favourite—crimini, enoki, oyster, portobello, shiitake or white button but all mushrooms are loaded with essential nutrients. Oyster mushrooms are a good source or iron. Plus, they're low in calories too.

Mushrooms virtually no fat, sugar or salt and is a valuable source of dietary fibre as well as the five B vitamins:  thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6) and folate. They also contain the essential minerals potassium, copper, phosphorous and iron. Nevertheless, Mushrooms are magical, considered as super-foods and a great choice that we all must give a try.

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