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Mango Recipes Indian – Easy & Popular

Every thing about Mango Recipes Indian – Easy & Popular | Vahrehvah, mango mousse, mango ice cream, mango lassi recipe, mango pickle :

For most foodies in India, summer is synonymous with the arrival of mangoes and each state or region boasting of with different varieties of mangoes and their traditional delicacies to exhibit. Mango, green and raw or ripe mangoes have their way into any type of cuisine, originating with various types of sweet and savoury dishes to offer.


From the popular Mango pickle/ Avakkai pickles from Andhra to some mouth-watering luscious Aam ras or Mango shrikand in the western states and Mango Kadhi from the northern states of India is a delight to the entire sweet tooth enthusiast and each one of them being a gourmet’s treat.


With the different varieties of mangoes available in India, comes some of the well-known trendy and famed dishes all prepared as seasonal delicacies. There are an extensive range of sweet, savory and spicy recipes using mangoes as the core ingredient. Indian mango pulp is a household name in most homes throughout the country. We get varied types of mango pulp such as Totapuri Mango pulp, Alphonso mango pulp etc.


The unique blend of tang and zest contributes widely in making delectable dishes and provides the best of taste, aroma, nutrition and sheer indulgence that touches your heart and delights our palate. Mangoes are rich in antioxidants and add lots of fiber to the diet.  Mangoes offer important vitamins and minerals for our body, preventing that way from many dangerous diseases and keeping our body healthy and fit.


The fruit is also rich in vitamin E and it is believed that therefore this fruit is an aphrodisiac. They are good for acidity, digestion, and heart problems and also prevent from cancer. They are good source of vitamin C and iron which is good for glowing skin.


Mango crepe is an excellent, luscious and gorgeous sweet dessert made with ripe thick mango pulp stuffed in crepe which will surely dribble your taste buds with its smooth, soft texture and alluring vibrant appearance that will make heads turn and crave for more. This dessert acquires the natural sweetness from the fully ripe sweet juicy mangoes and smooth texture of the pancake that will just slide down your palate easily. This is a perfect summer dessert, very quick and easy to make.


This dish brings a majestic unmatched joy of experiencing an exotic dessert from a simple mango fruit. Mango as such is a classic fruit that most kids would jump for and would never miss to relish one at least. This is extremely a finger-licking dish. Mangoes are seasonal fruit in India and many of us actually enjoy every bit of its taste and tang. They are often in lassi, chutneys, pickles, curries, shakes, salads etc. Fully ripe mangoes can be eaten as a fruit or in a form of dish used in desserts such as ice-creams, kulfi, puddings etc.


Mango Rice Mango/ kairee (green mango) rice is a classic dish made of fluffy rice, freshly grated raw mango and spices to give a nice tangy and flavourful rice preparation rice cooked with fresh raw mango.


Mango Dal Unripe mango cooked with yellow lentil and given a tempering both south Indian/ north Indian style. This is a most common food item in the season and prepared in all homes. Mango dal/ Mamidikaya Pappu is one of the popular recipes made with raw mangoes (green mango) which lend sourness and tartness to the dal that is very unique to enhance the flavor of dal.

Mango Pickle Vah Mango pickle is a spicy and tangy condiment that is made in almost every Indian household and has their own unique taste. Generally made during the summer season with lots of spices and mango (green or raw mango) pieces!

Raw Mango & Coconut Chutney Excellent tangy, spicy and sweet chutney made with a mix of raw mango and coconut, tempered with fresh herbs and lentils.

Shrimp Mango Coconut Pulao A yummy and delicious rice preparation combining shrimp, mango, and coconut together to give an amazing savour and tang! It is an innovative dish which gives an excellent aroma and taste.

Fish & Green Mango Fish cooked in coconut milk and raw mango gives an amazing tang and zest to this dish which can be eaten with hot rice.

Amba Dal – Salad or Chutney Amba dal is made from mashed channa dal mixed with raw, grated mango and fresh coconut tempered with mustard and green chillies. Amba dal is also known as Ambe dal or Ambyachi dal in Marathi. This is a very popular dal especially made with raw mangoes which has an amazing sour taste that complements well with the dal.

Ugadi Pachadi This pachadi kind of a drink with all flavours explains the essence of our beautiful life. Ugadi pachadi is a special traditional dish reflecting all the six flavours (shadhruchulu) of the ingredients. The six flavours are the neem buds or flowers (for bitterness), Jaggery (sweetness), Raw mango (vagaru/ tartness), Tamarind juice (sourness), Chillies (hotness) and Salt.

Mango & Red Onion Salsa An amazing dish with the mix of ripe mango and red onion, slightly salted and sprinkled with a dash of lime juice to give a fabulous zest.

Tomato Sweet Chutney with Dates & Mango Aam Papad This is very popular sweet and sour chutney made with dates, tamarind and jaggery. It is served with many chaat items and can also be used as a dip for samosas.

Raw Mango Juicing for Anemic Raw mango is a mango that hasn’t yet ripened and attained its orange/deep yellow color, this is known as 'Kairee' in Hindi and Urdu.

Indian Mango Relish Aam Kairas Cooked raw mango pieces simmered in a sweet and spicy coconut sauce. Kairas is a combination of two words, kairi+ras, meaning raw/green mango + juice. This is one of my favorite preparation using green mango.


It has always being a pleasure sharing some of my most favourite and easy recipes so that you all will get inspired in cooking. Do try these Mango recipes and enjoy the taste.


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