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Chicken Fried rice
Chicken fried rice is a very popular Chinese rice based dish. Here is another version of the Chicken fried rice in Chinese style. The Chicken fried rice is one of the signature dishes of Indo Chinese cuisine street food stalls and a popular and delicious dish liked by most of the kids.
This is one of the great recipes that can also be prepared with the leftover white rice or with freshly made rice.
Fried rice is a popular dish in the Asian cuisine especially Chinese food. The dish is made of rice stir fried in a wok with other ingredients such as eggs, vegetables and different types of meats (chicken and shrimp are the most popular) and spices/ sauces. Fried rice is a very common staple food in the American Chinese and Indo Chinese cuisine especially available in the fast food stands.
This dish is also a staple of Chinese restaurants and either served for both sit-in and for takeaways. The fried rice is popular restaurant and street food in the West African nations like the Nigeria, Ghana and Togo. The most common form of fried rice consists of some mixture of eggs, scallions, and vegetables, with chopped meat added at the customer's discretion. Home made fried rice is typically made with ingredients left over from other dishes leading to a countless variations. There are many popular varieties of fried rice, each with its own specific list of ingredients. In Asia, the more famous varieties include Yangzhou and Fujian fried rice.
Chinese restaurants catering to non-Chinese clientele have invented their own varieties of fried rice including egg fried rice, Singaporean (spicy) fried rice and the ubiquitous 'special fried rice'. As chicken combined with rice and spices being so adaptable makes a terrific and simple recipe to prepare that the whole family will enjoy.
Chicken fried rice is a versatile and classic dish and can be easily prepared adding your own personality to the dish. The chicken fried rice tastes great with a combination of different exotic vegetables and succulent pieces of fried boneless chicken that makes the dish luscious.
Chicken fried rice is a classic and delicious Asian dish that calls for the meal to be cooked in a wok. There are many popular ways and versions of cooking this dish. Fried rice most likely originated in China and has slowing worked its way throughout the world. Chicken fried rice is a staple rice based dish popularly available in most of the Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurants.
For preparing the Chicken fried rice, firstly wash and dice the chicken into small pieces and put it in a bowl. Add some pepper powder, salt and corn flour to the diced chicken pieces and mix well. Add half egg mix and keep aside. Now cook rice and keep in a separate bowl. Note that the rice needs to be cooked only 95%. Do not over cook the rice. It needs to be fluffy to make perfect chicken fried rice. Add oil in a pan or wok and heat the oil. Once the oil is heated add the diced chicken and fry them they are cooked and turned to a nice golden color. Once cooked, drain the chicken pieces from oil and shift to a plate.
In the same pan or wok, use only 1tsp of oil then add very finely chopped garlic and ginger, saute it for a min, add onion saute it, add egg, once it is cooked add pepper, salt, ajinamoto, vegetables, vinegar, soya sauce, fried chicken, saute it and lastly add cooked rice and mix well. Mix everything together in wok and continue stirring the mixture together until fully cooked.
When adding the rice to the wok with the sauces, make sure the wok is heated enough to sufficiently fry the rice and absorb the flavors of the sauces into the rice. Lastly add some spring onions and finish it off. This tasty variation on fried rice is guaranteed to keep the hungry hordes happy. This is a quick and easy preparation. You just need to click and watch the recipe here:  

Chicken Fried rice

Published On : Mar 5, 2008

Recipe Type : Rices

Standing Time : 5-8 mins

Ingredient : Chicken

Description : chicken fried rice

Recipe of Chicken Fried rice

Ingredient Name Unit Quantity
ajinamoto salt
chopped ginger garlic
cooked rice( left ove rice works best)
diced carrots
diced Celery
Diced chicken ( cooked)
diced peas
green or red chilli sauce
as per taste
soya sauce
to taste

Directions | How to make Chicken Fried Rice
Take chicken but cut into small pieces and wash. Take a bowl add chicken,pepper,salt,cornflour and mix well and add half egg and keep it a side. Now cook rice and keep it a side see that its not cooked too much. Take a pan add oil to fry chicken, once chicken is cook transfer it to a plate, take the same pan but remove the oil, use only 1tsp of oil then add ginger,saute it for a min,add onion saute it,add egg, once it is cooked add pepper,salt,ajinamoto,vegetables,vinegar,soya sauce,chicken,saute it and lastly add cooked rice mix well. Lastly add some spring onions and finish it off.
Recipe Tips Serving Ideas
chicken fried rice chicken fried rice

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