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Baby Corn Chilli Fry


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Baby Corn Chilli Fry Recipe, Makki Makai sukhi sabji, How To Make Baby Corn Chilli Fry Recipe

Baby corn chili fry, a crispy, spicy and delicious vegetarian starter rich with flavors.Baby corn is dipped in a spicy batter and deep-fried and then sauteed in creamy sauce.

Baby Corn chilli fry is an amazing Indo-Chinese recipe made with batter coated, double fried baby corns sautéed in a palatable and yummy spice mix. The spice mix is an amalgamation of various sauces like green sauce, soya sauce, t... Read More..

About Recipe

Jonnalu Mokka Jonna vepudu, Makkacholam Ponthi Cholam Cholam varuval, Bhutta Bhaja

How to make Baby Corn Chilli Fry

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Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
20 mins
Total time
25 mins
Baby Corn Chilli Fry
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : baby corn
Servings : 4 persons
Published date : January 08, 2019

Ingredients used in Baby Corn Chilli Fry
• Msg (optional) - 1 pinch.
• Vinegar - 1 tea spoon.
• Tomato ketchup - 1 tablespoon.
• Soya sauce - 1 tablespoon.
• Green chilly sauce - 1 tea spoon.
• Onion chopped - 1 number.
• Garlic(chopped) - 4 clove.
• Ginger(chopped) - 1 piece.
• Oil - to fry.
• Corn starch - 1/2 cup.
• All purpose flour - 2 tablespoons.
• Baby corns - 300 grams.
• Cumin powder - 1/2 tea spoon.
• Spring onions (chopped) - 2 tablespoons.
• Salt - to taste.
• Green chillies (chopped) - 3 numbers.
• Bell peppers (green, yellow, red colours) - 1 cup.
• Red chilly powder - 1 tablespoon.
• Egg - 1 number.
  • In a bowl, add baby corns, all purpose flour, toss it, add half an egg, mix this well, add corn starch coat with the baby corn and deep fry them.
  • Take a pan add oil heat it, add chopped ginger, garlic, add chopped onions, salt, chopped green chilly, bell peppers(green, yellow, red), red chilly powder, toss it
  • Add bottle green chilly sauce, soya sauce, tomato ketchup, vinegar, MSG (optional), cumin seeds powder (optional), spring onions. Add fried corns, toss them and switch off the flame.

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Baby Corn chilli fry is an amazing Indo-Chinese recipe made with batter coated, double fried baby corns sautéed in a palatable and yummy spice mix. The spice mix is an amalgamation of various sauces like green sauce, soya sauce, tomato ketchup, and vinegar, MSG mixed and spiced with red chilli powder. The spice mix is added with little cumin powder to give a lovely flavour.

The flavour of ginger and garlic engulfed into the spice mix gives awesome zest to the dish. Baby corns or cornlettes are baby sized cereal grain taken from corn (maize) harvested early while the ears are still young and immature. It is generally eaten whole cob and most commonly used in Asian cuisine.

Baby corn is eaten both raw and cooked, however cooking does not change its culinary and physical properties significantly  the texture remains relatively the same, as does the taste, whether raw or cooked. Baby corn is most commonly used in Asian cuisine. Peak season for fresh corn is May through September.

The baby corns are light, crunchy and generally used for making salads, stir-fries, Manchurians or added in fried rice. Baby corn adds an excellent and special gourmet touch to many dishes and salads. Its miniature size is appealing, as is the taste, color and crunch. The baby corn could be included in any stir fry dish or tossed with your favorite pasta or salad. Baby corn could also be made into delectable pakodas or fritters. Fresh sweet corn must be cooked and is generally steamed or boiled and served as a side dish. Strip off the husks and silk just before cooking.

Grilled corn on the cob is a rainy season favorite. Fresh corn kernels may be used as an ingredient in soups, stews, casseroles, puddings, relishes, and breads. Baby corns are easy to cook and the best way to cook is to blanch it and use in recipes. Baby corn is also a common ingredient that is added to pastas, pizzas, quiche etc. Fresh baby corn has a crisp texture and a subtle, slightly sweet corn flavour.

Recipe of Baby Corn Chilli Fry:



  1. Baby corns                       -       500 gms
  2. All-purpose flour              -       2 tbsp
  3. Corn starch                      -       ½ cup
  4. Oil                                    -       for deep frying
  5. Ginger, chopped              -       1” piece
  6. Garlic, chopped                       -       4 cloves
  7. Onion, chopped               -       1 no
  8. Green chilli sauce            -       1 tsp
  9. Soya sauce                       -       1 tsp
  10. Tomato ketchup               -       1 tbsp
  11. Vinegar                            -       1 tsp
  12. MSG (optional)                 -       pinch
  13. Cumin powder                 -       1 tsp
  14. Spring Onions                 -       2 tbsp
  15. Salt                                  -       to taste
  16. Green chilli, chopped       -       3 nos
  17. Bell peppers                     -       1 each (green, yellow and red)
  18. Red chilli powder             -       1 tbsp


  1. Take a bowl, add baby corns, all-purpose and toss.
  2. Add half an egg and mix well.
  3. Add cornstarch coat to the baby corn and deep fry them.
  4. Take a pan and add little oil. When it get hot, add chopped ginger and garlic, onions, green chillies, bell peppers (green, yellow, red), red chilli powder and toss.
  5. Add bottle green sauce, soya sauce, tomato ketchup, vinegar, MSG (optional), cumin seeds powder (option), spring onions and fried corns
  6. Toss well and switch off the flame

Baby corn is high in folate, vitamin B and a good source of several other nutrients too. Yellow corn contains carotenoids,which are substances that may help prevent coronary artery disease, certain cancers, and cataracts. In particular, yellow corn is abundant in two carotenoids, zeaxanthin and lutein, which keep eyes healthy.

The more yellow   corn, the more carotenoids it contains, since these compounds provide plants with color. Baby corn, being pale, would carry lesser amounts of these carotenoids than mature corn. They are also rich in several other nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B6, riboflavin, vitamin C and fiber.

They are low in fat, saturated fat-free, very low in sodium, cholesterol free. Baby corn Chilli Fry are the best snacks/starter/side dish to be had any time of the day and combines nicely, goes well with a dipping sauce or can be eaten on its own.

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