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Curry Leaves Chicken is an excellent combo of flavours popularly prepared in Indian cuisine especially a south Indian dish. Curry leaf lends a gorgeous, aromatic, shiny dark green lemon flavour to the dish. It is also best to use fresh curry leaves while preparing this dish.

Curry leaves chicken makes a yummy recipe that is easy to cook and simple ingredients. Chicken marinated in a mix of aromatic Indian spices and then cooked with dry roasted curry leaves powder. Wow! The thought of curry leaves fragrance is truly divine and is a great wonder herb.

Its lemony flavour and aroma adds that extra kick to the dish and is addictive. Curry leaves are extensively used in various dishes in Indian, Sri Lankan, Indonesian and Malay cuisines.  If you just crush a curry leaf between your fingers and breathe in the slightly spicy citrus scent.

It’s an enthralling fragrance that is mouth-watering. Curry leaves is popularly known in India as karivepaaku, karipatta or kariveppillai. It is one of the main culinary essences added to various dishes right from making a delicious snack, appetizer, breakfast or a sumptuous meal for lunch or dinner. Its aroma and flavours are unique and cannot be substituted with any other herb. Generally fresh leaves are used in making Indian dishes or to make an aromatic infused olive oil.

Curry leaves are an integral part of southern Indian cuisine and the leaves are showed up in various rice dishes, vegetable gravies/ curries or fries, lentil broths etc. You can find curry leaves in every other dish but has its own importance and taste unique. Curry leaves are commonly used in upma, karipak rice, mint coriander and curry leaves thuvaiyal, chicken fry, curry leaves mutton etc. The leaves when fried have a unique aroma. Fresh green leaves are best; when unavailable the dried variety is used.

The leaves are dried in the shade and stored in airtight containers when they dry to retain their flavour. Sometimes they are powdered and used in chutneys. You can crumble the dried leaves on salads or add the whole leaves to curries. These dried leaves will last up to a year.

Mostly curry leaves are sizzled in oil and used at either the beginning of a recipe or added as part of a tadka or tarka or flavouring at the end of the recipe. Curry leaves are generally used fresh in Indian or Asian cuisine.

They are edible and apart from use in cooking it also has many health benefits and curative values. When a person suffers from digestive problems, the leaves are pounded together with cumin seeds and added to buttermilk. It works wonders. The buttermilk after a heavy meal helps digestion. When you feel sick because of a heavy meal the previous night, the buttermilk helps on an empty stomach.

A paste of these leaves can be applied as a poultice on burns and bruises. The leaves are also useful as a hair tonic. The Curry leaves Chicken is a thriller dish made with simple ingredients but appetizing and delicious. This dish is swift to cook and does not take much time to treat your kids, family and friends. For preparing this dish, marinate chicken with all ingredients (check the link) (except curry leaves) for 1 hour.

Take a pan and fry the curry leaves till they are dry and make powder of these leaves in mixer and keep aside. Now take a pan and heat oil, add onions and fry well.  When onions are fried add marinated chicken keeping the lid for 15- 20 mins stirring in between. 

When chicken is well cooked and when you think the gravy is enough for you, then add curry leaves powder and cook for 1-2 mins. Garnish with cilantro on top and your tasty, mouth-watering, aromatic curry leaves chicken is ready. Serve hot with rice, chapathi.  Click on the below link for detailed recipe:

Tip: Add good amount of curry leaves to infuse its aroma in the chicken The curry leaves adds its magical flavours into the chicken increasing your salivary secretion for want for more delicious recipes like these. Do give this a try, its earthy, herby, lemony, citrusy flavours are really tempting to the taste buds.

Enjoy Cooking!

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