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Every thing about MANGO LIME LYCHEE SORBET | Vahrehvah :

Mango Lime Lychee Sorbet is an excellent and stunning drink which gracefully enhances the sweet and perfumed flavor of lychee and coconut cream along with fresh lime juice in a smooth texture over the mango slices. It is an amazing and delectable sorbet very rich in antioxidant vitamin C. Traditionally sorbet is a frozen dessert that you can make from water sweetened with fruit juice and is often called sherbet or Italian ice. It is similar to ice cream, and can contain milk products, but sorbet does not have an air whipped into it like ice cream does. It is often used as an alternative to ice cream for those on a diet because it does not contain any fat. The beauty of sorbet lies mainly in its simplicity and is basically made with just frozen water or juice sweetened with fruit, chocolate, liqueur, wine or fresh herbs. Unlike Sherbet and ice cream, sorbet typically contains no diary making it a good choice for anyone who is lactose intolerant or vegan. From fruity strawberry sorbet to decadent chocolate sorbet, there are numerous perfect recipes to satisfy your cravings for a frozen treat. Lychees are one of the all time favorite fruits to many. Usually fresh lychees are best for making this sorbet but can also use the canned ones. They are attractive fruits of about the size of a small plum and have a reddish-brown or purple, rough ‘shell’ surrounding the translucent jelly-like flesh. The hard brown seed is inedible. The flesh is sweet and delicately flavored with a slight acidity. Lychee is one of the finest fruit from South East Asia. Unlike anything else, it tastes like perfume and floral. It is delicious eaten alone, used in fruit salads or used in beverage etc. This sorbet is super refreshing and a good palate cleanser too. The basic recipe for a making an actual sorbet is by combining two varieties of fruit juices (flavor of your choice) with sweetened water. Using the ice cream makes gives a nice finish in making the sorbet because this would combine and freeze the ingredients. As the mixture freezes, the blades keep turning continually scraping the frozen particles off the sides. This keeps the ice crystals small giving you a perfect dessert. Although it is frozen, there should not be chunks of ice in it. As the blades turn the mixture, it starts to thicken Traditionally, Sorbets are served as a pre-course to the main course in a multi-coursed meal. Sorbets cleanse the palate and often served as desserts. Light, usually non-fat, sorbets are the perfect dessert for someone watching their diets. The main ingredient in any sorbet is fruit while there are few using fresh herbs too. A perfect sorbet is not frozen hard but has a finely, crushed ice texture. For preparing this luscious and yummy Mango lime lychee sorbet, firstly in a bowl combine coconut cream powder with ½ cup lukewarm water and stir well. Drain lychees and set syrup aside (if you are using canned lychees). Puree lychees, coconut cream, ¼ cup syrup and 2 tbsp lime in a blender and then freeze in ice cream maker. Toss together sliced mango with remaining lime juice and sprinkle with zest of fresh lime. Serve sorbet over mango slices and enjoy. Do prepare this super refreshing and exotic dessert which would keep you family on toes to grab the bowls. Click on the below link and get the detailed recipe: The combination of fresh mango slices and a ready prepared well blended juice of lychees, coconut cream and lime juice in this sorbet is deliciously refreshing after a spicy meal. Lychees are an excellent source of vitamin C and also provide dietary fibre and small quantities of minerals and vitamins. 6 fresh lychees have: 290kJ (69 Cals), 1.3g dietary fibre and 49 mg vitamin C.

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