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Every thing about KOBHI ZUNKA | Vahrehvah :

Kobhi zunka, a popular Maharashtrian dish speciality made with besan flour cooked with cabbage and seasoned with spices. If you like curries with the addition of gram flour, this one is definitely for you. It is generally served with Bhakri and onions but can also be eaten with rotis. In Maharashtra, cabbage is commonly known as kobhi and besan (chana dal flour) is known as zunka.

Kobhi Zunka tastes unique with strong and pungent flavors combined with the nutty taste of the flour that compliments the dish nicely. Kobhi or cabbage is a versatile vegetable which can be cooked in many ways. It is a popular Chinese veggie that is extensively used in various dishes like soups, noodles, etc. 

Besan or gram flour is a pulse flour made from a variety of ground chickpea known as Bengal gram. In Andhra Pradesh, it is used in a curry with gram flour cakes called Senaga Pindi Kura and is eaten with Chapati or Puri, mostly during winter for breakfast. Chila (or chilla), a pancake made with gram flour batter, is a popular street food in India. Apart from its capacity to make enhanced fried items, it is also used as a facial exfoliate, especially popular among young women in India and Pakistan. 

Cabbage, is a leafy vegetable. Around the world, cabbage is prepared in different ways. While it can be eaten raw, as a salad, cabbage can be steamed, pickled, stewed, sautéed or braised. Sauerkraut and kimchi are the most popular pickled variants while the coleslaw is one of the most popular salads. Cabbage is best prepared as close to raw as possible – sometimes called tender-crisp – to preserve this veggie’s many nutrients and also an excellent source of fiber, vitamin B6 and manganese, as well as healthy amounts of thiamin (vitamin B1), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5).

 Preparing tips

  1. Make sure your cabbage is only just cooked.
  2. At the beginning the Gram flour should be roasted well and ensure that all raw flavour is totally absent by the time the dish is ready for serving. 

Healthy tips

  1. Cabbage, is rich in vitamins and minerals, has almost no fat and is very rich in fiber which makes it very healthy to eat.
  2. Cabbage is also used to treat asthma and morning sickness.
  3. Gram floor, is a great source of protein for vegetarians.
  4. With a low glycemic index, besan helps in maintaining blood sugar levels

This traditional Maharashtrian dish is spicy and yummy to taste-must try. 

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