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Author vahchef Yield No Value
Published Jan 15, 2008 Cooking Time 1 hour
Recipe Type Breads Preparation Time 30 min
Ingredient Flour Standing Time 1 hour
Description: punjabi bread to with chole
Bhatura is a soft leavened fried Indian bread made with flour, baking powder, oil and yoghurt. When fried, it puffs into a fluffy, chewy lightly browned bread is served with chickpea curry popularly called as Chole.

Recipe of Bathura

Ingredient Name Quantity Unit
Baking Pdr 1/2 Teaspoons
Curd 3/4 Cup
Water as needed
All Purpose Flour 2 Cup
Salt 1/2 Teaspoons
Sugar as needed
Sooji 1/4 Cup


In a bowl add flour, salt, baking powder, sugar mix well then add sooji, butter milk and use water also tomake a medium stiff doughrest atleast for 2 hrs roll it into  thin rounds fry in hot oil
Posted Jan 15, 2008

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Nov 21, 2013
Hi ,Sanjay I have been a big fan of your cooking ,I am from Hyderabad and I am not so much into cooking , but I have learnt a lot of recipes from you and thanks .your recipes have always turned out good so thanks Nisha chitturi.

tashe Jul 6, 2013
hi sanjay...... I seen your video of wz awesome....I do know the ingredients but I don't knw how much quantity I hv to add.....thanks again

Chandan Mahanta Oct 31, 2012
Thank you dear Sanjay for your perfect demonstration of the preparation of the recipe.Please continue with this programme-Thanks

lis May 25, 2012
you are the best you are God sent Watching you makes anyone to cook

dhiraj Aug 14, 2011
some recipes say that you need to add curd and yeast in bathura dough so that it ferments and after frying comes out even more softer, your comments on this

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