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Fettuccine Alfredo is creamy, cheesy pasta that suits and is appealing to palates of all ages. It is mildly flavored and healthy to eat. Fettuccine is an Italian word which literally means little ribbons. It is a very popular type of pasta in Roman cuisine. This dish is made with flat thick noodle made of egg and flour (usually one egg each and 100 g flour). They are also eaten with sugo d’umido (beef ragu) and ragu di pollo (chicken ragu).

Fettuccine are traditionally made fresh either at home or commercial. Dried tagliatelle are also available in super markets. Fettuccine Alfredo is a popular fettuccine dish in North America whereas Spinach fettuccine is made from spinach, flour and eggs.

This pasta dish tossed with cheese and butter has an amazing history both in Italy and abroad. It was popularized amongst US tourists in Rome by restaurateur Alfredo di Lelio who served it with his own name in 1914. The restaurant's story is that the dish was invented by di Lelio at his restaurant Alfredo in 1914 as a variation of fettuccine al burro.

Fettuccine Alfredo has now become ubiquitous in Italian-style restaurants in the United States. In Italy and throughout Europe, the name "Fettuccine Alfredo" is basically unknown. In Rome it is usually called Fettuccine al burro. In Piedmont, pasta called taglierini is served with butter and truffles. Butter, sage and cheese however are a common dressing for ravioli.

Made with fettuccine pasta tossed with parmesan cheese and butter, the cheese just melts and emulsifies the liquids to form a smooth and rich coating over the pasta. There are many variations in making this dish. In US cuisine a variety of mixed ingredients such as broccoli, parsley, cream, garlic, shrimp or chicken are used. To lower the cost, many modifications have been made to the basic fettuccine Alfredo.

Use of cream may be added to butter. Less expensive cheeses are often used. The cheese is sometimes mixed with flour as a thickener. Thickening can also be achieved by mixing the sauce with a small amount of roux (flour and liquid butter or olive oil) as the liquid reaches boiling. To make it a single-dish meal, chicken and vegetables, such as peas, are often served on top. Another variation uses egg in combination with cream, butter and cheese.

For preparing this creamy Fettuccine Alfredo, firstly take a large pot of salty water and bring to a boil and drop in the fettuccine. When the fettuccine is cooked but still a little firm then lift it out of the pot and drain the water well.

In a large sauté pan heated pan, add in some butter and put in the drained pasta and add milk and garlic. Bring this to a simmer stirring frequently. Add cheese and continue cooking until the cheese melts and the sauce thickens.

Stir in fresh parsley and crushes black peppers. Then add in the steamed vegetables and gently toss all the ingredients well. Serve hot.

A very good pasta is best served with oil or butter-based sauces, as the sauce goes a long way, coats the pasta evenly and also helps to prevent the strands of pasta from clumping together. Pasta dish are extremely good as side dishes, entrees, main course, salads and more.

Other popular recipes made with fettuccine are Chicken fettuccine, Shrimp fettuccine, Fettuccine with salmon, vegetable pasta etc. But wider spaghetti noodles or this pasta works exceptionally well with heavier sauces like Alfredo. Alfredo sauce is conveniently available in many grocery stores.

Originally this is prepared thickening only by cheese. A basic Alfredo sauce is very easy to prepare at home. Many gourmet chefs get very creative with this classic Italian pasta sauce. They make it incredibly creamy and delicious which can turn it into a unique gourmet delight.  So do get creative and make an exceptional sauce that suit your taste.

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