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Onion Adai

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Onion Adai is a brilliant variation from the normal plain Adai. This dish is commonly known as Vengaya adai in Tamil nadu. It is a type of Indian pancake or crepe made of lentils, rice and finely chopped onions mixed in the batter to make it very tasty and flavourful. You could also add shallots which will enhance the flavours and make the pancakes more delicious.


Hot onion adai straight from the tawa with a blob of butter or ghee is truly tempting. Adai as such is a protein packed, highly nutritious snack. Channa dal, one of the main ingredients of Adai is rich in protein and has glycemix index. Onions are virtually used in every type of cuisine all over the world.


They are one of the most versatile and extensively used ingredient in every kitchen. They can be used to cook, eaten fresh in a salad or used as a garnish. Onions are an essential part of our everyday cooking and are often the base curry for most of the gravy dishes. Some dishes use fewer onions while some recipes requires lots of onions. Often Dopiaza’s are those dishes that have high onion content.


Onions are cooked in different ways which actually creates different textures, flavours, aroma and consistency of the curry. The best onion used in curries is the white onions. Shallots or baby onions are also extensively used in making a variety of dishes as they lend a unique flavour and savour to the dish.


Onion, one of the most commonly and popularly used vegetables is a root vegetable used as a seasoning in fresh and dry forms. This underground bulb is known for its distinct/pungent flavor and aroma. It is a most important element of almost every meat dish. But its use is not only confined to the non-vegetarian items, it also mixes well with various vegetables.


Onions are almost used in every dish like the soups, stews, fry, curry, sauce, gravies or chutney. Onions are ranked sixth amongst the world’s leading vegetable crops. Onion sambar is a very popular dish prepared in the southern India and onion pakodas are very popularly prepared during the rainy season. Apart from offering good taste and flavour, onions come with many healthy benefits when consumed.

  1. They help in relieving common cold, diabetes and heart disease.
  2. Onions contain anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer components.
  3. It is said that eating boiled onions just before bedtime can relieve insomnia.
  4. Onions are also said to aid in healing blisters and boils and reduce swelling from bee stings.
  5. Onion is a powerful anti-septic that is rich in vitamins A, B and C.
  6. It is a potent source of folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, chromium, iron and dietary fiber.
  7. The health benefits of onions are endless because of its powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

To try this yummy and appetizing Onion Adai, do watch the below video and delight your family with good and healthy breakfast.

Recipe of Onion Adai:


  1. Rice                                 -       1 cup
  2. Tur dal                             -       1 tbsp
  3. Channa dal                      -       1 tbsp
  4. Red chillies                      -       3-4 nos
  5. Curry leaves                     -       few
  6. Hing                                 -       pinch
  7. Salt                                 -       to taste
  8. Onions, finely chopped    -       1 big
  9. Oil                                    -       for frying


  1. In a bowl put in the rice, channa dal, toor dal, dry red chillies and curry leaves. Add water, wash the ingredients nicely once and drain off the water. Put in the hing, salt and water till all the lentils are soaked properly and rest aside for at least for 3-4 hrs.
  2.  Drain the water and grind them in a blender to a coarse paste. Add finely chopped onion to this coarse batter and mix.
  3. Take a flat non stick pan and pour 1 spatula batter in the pan and spread evenly from inside out.
  4. Drizzle some oil at the edges of the adai and to the center. Cook it on medium flame.
  5. Brown it on one side and then flip over to the other side for a minute.
  6. Fold and serve hot with coconut chutney or pickle.

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