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Ada Pradhaman

 Ada pradhaman is a very popular Malabar dish and is specially made during the traditional Onam festival. Onam is the annual harvest festival of Kerala State and a very auspicious day. Ada pradhaman is one of the popular Indian sweet delicacies of the Kerala cuisine. The ada pradhamin (payasam) is a sweet dessert made of coconut milk, flakes of cooked rice and jaggery which is also commonly known as Payasam. Payasam is a traditional dessert in Indian subcontinent and usually prepared during festivals, marriages, and feast or on auspicious days. Payasam is also one of the most important desserts, a must for every sadya. Normally in Kerala they make these rice flakes few days before the festival and let them dry in sunlight. As coconut are very common and popular in Kerala and is broken for adding in various dishes, the whole coconuts are grated and coconut milk is extracted from it. Usually for the first time it is extracted without adding any water and then next time adding little water and the third time again adding a little more water. The coconut milk extracted the first time is the first milk (pure and thick milk), second milk and third milk consecutively. In South India, Payasam or payasa is an integral part of any traditional South Indian meal. It is typically served as an offering to the Gods in South Indian Hindu temples during rituals and ceremonies. Gil e firdaus is the most popular Hyderabadi version of payasam. Preparing of South Indian payasam extensively used coconut milk, jaggery in place of sugar and milk. In a South Indian meal, the first item to be served in the leaf is the payasam. Atleast one spoon of payasam is served first and then the other items come on line. Payasam is also served after rasam rice, while rice with buttermilk forms the last item of the meal. Payasam also forms an integral part of the Kerala feast (sadya), where it is served and relished from the flat banana leaf instead of cups. In Malayalee or Kerala cuisine, there are several different kinds of payasam that can be prepared from a wide variety of fruits and starch bases, an example chakkapradhaman made of Jackfruit pulp, ada pradhaman made of flat ground rice. The ada Pradhaman is normally made in a big Uruli (wide open cooking vessel made of bell metal), which also adds up to the taste. The jagerry is melted and filtered to remove any impurities in it. Traditionally in Kerala they use of homemade ada and coconut milk but nowadays both ada and coconut milk is available in the markets which make it easier to cook. For preparing the Ada Pradhaman firstly melt Jaggery and keep aside. In a broad vessel boil water and add ada in it and cook till they become soft. After 10 mins, strain and keep aside. Mix the melted jaggery with the cooked ada and stir for ten minutes in low fire. Take two extracts of the coconut milk and add the second extract to the above mixture. Boil this until it becomes thick and take it off the fire and add the first extract of milk and cardamom powder mix well. Fry the cashew and raisins in ghee and garnish the payasam. To prepare this delicious and mouth watering ada pradhaman do click the link and check the recipe in details: The word pradhaman means the first one is quite likely that the Ada Pradhaman is so called because it is No.1 among the payasams.  In Kerala the southern state of India there are various kinds of preparing the pradhamans that includes the ada, pazham, parippu and palada. In Parippu pradhaman the main ingredient is the pulse whereas in pazham a pradhamain plantain fruit which is a special kind of banana fruit also known as Nentra Pazham is used in making the payasam.

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