GAVRAN KOMBDI VILLAGE STYLE CHICKEN CURRY , recipeimage Dahi puri is one of the easiest chaat to prepare and can be had as evening time. 1 loaf
240 calories, 9 grams fat
Semolina Cumin powder Coriander powder Ginger garlic paste Carom seeds Salt All purpose flour Yogurt Oil

1. Take a bowl, add semolina, cumin powder, coriander powder, ginger garlic paste, carom seeds, salt and mix nicely. 2. To it add all purpose flour and mix it, later add yogurt and mix nicely to make dough allow it rest for 5-10 mins. 3. Divide dough into small portion and roll into poori and deep fry in hot oil. 4. Now puffed up sooji dahi poori is ready to serve and can be used for pani puri also.

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Gavran Chicken Village Style Chicken Curry

Gavran Chicken curry is a spicy Village style Chicken curry cooked with very few ingredients yet the curry tastes spicy and delicious. This dish is a typical Maharashtrian village style of cooking the country chicken. Country chicken with bones spiced with green chillies, red chilli powder, flavoured with garlic and garam masala cooked in tomato based thick gravy and seasoned with browned grated copra powder enhances and highlights the flavours of this chicken curry.

Gavran Chicken or Village style Chicken curry recipe is not a very fancy one, it’s simple, rustic, straightforward and quick to make. The taste of real country is truly awesome and must add very few masalas to keep it simple as the natural flavours and juices of country chicken is not to be masked. You need to really taste this to understand the flavours well. This recipe is very simple yet gives country flavours even when cooked with poultry chicken.

The Kodi Iguru or Country Chicken with Channa (Natu Kodi) is very famous traditional Chicken curries from Andhra Pradesh. They are popularly known mainly for its heavy use of spices, chillies and fiery flavours. The spice level of this curry is especially high to actually bring out the wonderful flavours of the country chicken and enhance the taste of the chicken. There are endless variations to the chicken curry and this Gavran chicken curry is prepared with the same basic ingredients as any normal chicken curry, the only other major ingredient browned copra powder (dry coconut).

For those who love coconut, its aromatic and exotic flavours would love relishing this dish. The naturally sweet taste of coconut adds a humble sweet contrast to this extremely spicy dish as copra (dry coconut) has a fine, oily aroma and a sweet nutty flavour.

Dried coconut is delicious and widely used in South Indian cuisines. They are used as flavouring the curries or making a dry spice mix combined with spices, lentils, herbs or leaves that are roasted in oil and ground to make a crumbly powder dry coconut spice mxi powder. This is simple to make, aromatic, packed with proteins, tasty and easy on stomach. Dry coconut is also used in making biscuits, cakes or various other baked goods. It can also be used in smoothies or sprinkled over salads.

To prepare this simple yet delicious Gavran Chicken curry, firstly heat oil in a pan, when it is hot enough, add onions, salt and fry the onions until they turn golden in colour. Add 1 tsp crushed garlic, crushed green chillies, sauté and cook for a minute till the raw flavours are gone. Add turmeric, red chilli powder and garam masala, mix and then add the chicken pieces. Sauté the chicken pieces well with the spices and cook for a minute. Then cover the pan with a lid and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Remove the lid, mix, add little water and again cover and cook for at least 10 minutes (if its country chicken, then it will take 30 mins to cook) or until the chicken is cooked. Add chopped tomatoes and cook for 2 minutes and finally add 2 tbsp of grated browned copra and mix. Sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves on the top and switch off the flame. The dish is ready to be served. Serve with rice, roti, naan etc

Tips: As the name suggest, generally the country chicken is used for preparing this dish, but you can also use broiler chicken.

Adjust the spices according to your choice. Do not over fry the masala too much or burn it as it’s the masala paste which gives the chicken its flavor.

This is a very authentic country side chicken curry dish, gives immense taste and flavour. The roasted masala is the key ingredient that adds its part of flavour in the dish. Do try this recipe and is definitely an unbeatable winner dish. Click on the below link to view the making of the dish:

Enjoy Cooking!


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