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Spinach and Corn fritters

Spinach and corn fritters are an amazing snack that tastes extremely tasty. Corn and spinach mixed with some garlicky and nutmeg flavours combined together with spices and deep fried until done....

Date: - Feb 23, 2019

Bottle Gourd Halwa

Doodhi halwa or lauki ka halwa is a dessert. A very nutritious dish as it contains lauki or bottle gourd, milk and dry fruits....

Date: - Mar 20, 2019


A dessert extravaganza, Gil-e-firdaus is truly an amazing sweet dish with white pumpkins cooked with thickened milk, sugar and then garnished with elaichi powder and chopped dried fruits....

Date: - Dec 31, 2018


Lauki Musallam is a stuffed curry which is a healthy to have on any special occasion to have a royal and an authentic touch....

Date: - Jan 12, 2019


Another variation to the ever popular chole is to try it out with kasoori methi to finish off. This is a rustic chole preparation goes well with poori bhatura etc. A very ancient dish made with soaked chole and freshly grounded spices. ...

Date: - Feb 12, 2019

Badam Lauki ka Halwa

Badam Lauki ka halwa is a delicious rich sweet dish made with grated doodhi (bottlegourd) and badam paste cooked by sweetening with sugar and khoya....

Date: - Feb 20, 2019

Bottle Gourd and Split Green Moong Dal Curry

This combination of bottle gourd with moong dal is an very hit combination and is best suitable for a for a meal....

Date: - Mar 1, 2019

 Bottle Gourd Chicken Curry

A very tasty and versatile vegetable, which tastes amazing when combined with chicken....

Date: - Mar 9, 2019


Green moong and bottle gourd muttiyas is a veg bottle gourd cutlet recipe . It can be enjoyed with green chutney or even without it....

Date: - Nov 13, 2018

Bottle Gourd Peppers-Lauki simla mirchi

Bottle Gourd Pepper or Lauki Simla Mirchi doodhi is a delicious dish made with lauki (bottle gourd), simla mirch (bell pepper) and tamatar combined together along with spices and cooked until done....

Date: - Oct 6, 2018


A traditional sweet made with bottle gourd is prepared on festivals or eaten as a fruit diet on fasts. It is very easy to make, this fibrous and nutritious....

Date: - Feb 11, 2019

Bottlegourd flatbread Lauki ki Roti

How to make Bottlegourd flatbread Lauki ki Roti?How to cook Bottlegourd flatbread Lauki ki Roti?Learn the recipe Bottlegourd flatbread Lauki ki Rotiby vahchef.For all recipes visit

Date: - Jan 5, 2019


Lauki or bottle gourd is otherwise also known as calabash, long melon, Chinese melon, luffa which is a vine grown for its fruits either ha...

Date: - Sep 26, 2016

Bottle Gourd Peppers - Lauki simla mirchi

Bottle gourd peppers, this simple yet delicious Gujarati side dish is commonly known as Doodi Tamatar Mirch Ka Shaak. Made with the humble b...

Date: - Sep 10, 2016

Lauki Katti Dal

Lauki katti dal is a very simple lentil preparation, slightly tangy. Bottle gourd cooked with mash lentil mixture. This golden hued Khatti-M...

Date: - Jan 17, 2017

Capsicum Lauki and Chana Dal Curry

  The dish is an excellent mix of two humble vegetables along with the lentil (Bengal gram) making the taste unique. If you’re...

Date: - Sep 13, 2016

Lauki Soya Nuggets Stir Fry

  Lauki soya nuggets stir fry is a brilliant, flavorful and highly appetizing side dish made combining soya granules, bott...

Date: - Sep 21, 2016

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