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Chicken Tikka

A chicken tikka sizzler is a dish where Chicken Tikka is served on a heated plate and is served with onions. The dish is also known and eaten in Afghanistan Chicken tikka is a popular Indian chicken dish. Small pieces of boneless marinated in a mix of yogurt and spices and later baked using skewers in a clay-based oven called a tandoor. ...

Date: - Feb 2, 2019

Sweet Potato Kebabs

Sweet Potato Kebabs (Shakarkand ke Kebab) - Fabulous fun with veggies. A great alternative to meat kebabs. ...

Date: - Dec 26, 2018

Turkey Kofta Korma

Kofta is the common term for the combination of ground meat, onions and spices shaped into balls and cooked. In this turkey kofta recipe, ground turkey and minced onion are mixed with cumin and allspice to make a delicious dish....

Date: - Jan 25, 2019

Cheese Chicken Kebab with Pesto

Pesto chicken kabab is a very rich in taste pesto (basil) is equal to Indian tulsi in flavor.This combination is very good so marinating the chicken fillet, brushing with pesto sauce and cooked in the oven will result in the mouthwatering dish....

Date: - Feb 12, 2019


Mayoni kebab is a prepared with mixed dals. Kebab, is a Middle Eastern, Eastern Mediterranean, and South Asian dish of pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables roasted or grilled on a skewer or spit originating either in the Eastern Mediterranean....

Date: - Dec 12, 2018


Soya granules combined with kabuli chana for binding, make simple yet scrumptious tikkis. garam masala enhance taste and flavour....

Date: - Feb 13, 2019


Taro root (Arbi) tikki is one of the most tastiest kebab which just tastes like any non veg kebab. Its a very easy and tasty snack recipe with its own crispiness. ...

Date: - Sep 18, 2018

Yam Tandoori

Tandoori yam recipe is a delicious Indian recipe served as a side dish. ...

Date: - Mar 18, 2019


The royal cuisine of Hyderabad is famous for its variety of kebabs. It is a spicy minced lamb kebabs with a soft center filling of yogurt, salt and onions. ...

Date: - Feb 13, 2019

Khol Khol Kebab

Khol Khol Kebab is a healthy variant in kebab delicacies which tastes exceptionally good....

Date: - Feb 20, 2019

Chicken Kabab

This is one of the most flavorful and aromatic Indian appetizers. Chicken Kebab is made of chunks of chicken, marinated in the unique preparation of yogurt and spices....

Date: - Nov 17, 2016


How to makeCHICKEN TANGRI KEBAB?How to cookCHICKEN TANGRI KEBAB?Learn the recipeCHICKEN TANGRI KEBABby vahchef.For all recipes visit

Date: - Nov 27, 2016

Veggy Party Kebabs

   Veggy Party Kebab is an amazing, comforting  snack made with Taro root commonly known as Arbi or Chamagadda mixed...

Date: - Sep 24, 2016

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