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crab cake

How to makecrab cake?How to cookcrab cake?Learn the recipecrab cakeby vahchef.For all recipes visit

Date: - Jan 10, 2019

Peanut and raisin cookie

Peanut and raisin cookie is a delicious baked biscuit made with the flour of dry roasted peanuts....

Date: - Jan 18, 2019

Chocolate Chip Muffins

A favorite bakery-style chocolate chip muffins recipe which is soft, fluffy, and bursting with chocolate chips and perfectly ends with a tall muffin top....

Date: - Mar 2, 2019

Soya Chunk grannules / kheema Curry

Soya Chunks is an excellent source of protein and has a lot of health benefits too.This gravy is medium spicy so it's suitable for kids too. Soya Chunks is tasteless and has a tendency to absorb any flavor that it is cooked with so. ...

Date: - Dec 26, 2018

Bangalore Brinjal Fry (Chow Chow Fry)

Bangalore Brinjal famously known for its funny name Chow Chow, makes this fry recipe amazingly delicious and awesome with its appealing look....

Date: - Feb 7, 2019

Chicken 65 Recipe With Philips Airfryer by VahChef

Chicken 65 is one of the most popular dishes prepared in most Dhabas and restaurants that are served as starters. Generally chicken 65 is the first dish ordered by most. ...

Date: - Jan 3, 2019


A simple curry made with soya chunks and potato. This is a low fat healthy version served with poori's and roti's....

Date: - Mar 19, 2019

Eggless Nan Khatai Cookies

Eggless nan khatai Cookies are buttery soft melt in the mouth Indian cookies. Goes great with a cup of chai or just as a snack....

Date: - Dec 12, 2018

Snake Gourd Fritters  Padwal Pakoda

Snake gourd is a great vegetable and perfectly suitable for making pakoras for rainy days....

Date: - Oct 6, 2018


Soya keema is one unique dish that caters to all the vegetarians. it is an excellent dry snack item made with chunks and spices combined together and made into dumplings and deep fried....

Date: - Mar 12, 2019

Wonton Clear Soup

A simple, light Chinese dumpling classic soup for winter whether with wontons and it is very easy delicious in taste. ...

Date: - Feb 1, 2019


Murukku is a savoury, crunchy Indian snack. The snack originated in the Tamil Nadu state, and its name derives from the Tamil word for twisted....

Date: - Dec 10, 2018


 Oats porridge is one of the most popular, healthy and nutritious breakfast to start the day with. The oats porridge is thick, creamy...

Date: - Sep 5, 2016

Breakfast – An important meal of the day!

Breakfast is one of the most important meal of the day, but little do many of us know of this and avoid eating which in long run causes a...

Date: - Sep 19, 2016

How to Create a Healthy Plate at Meals

Vijaya Botla RD, LDRegistered & Licensed Dietitian In AAPI’s Be Fit. Be Cool. Childhood Obesity Awareness Campaign we talk abou...

Date: - Sep 28, 2016

Oatmeal Muffins

 Oat Meal Muffins  is an excellent tea time snack packed with the goodness of the oats along with its fine and tender texture. The...

Date: - Sep 22, 2016

5 Easy Tips on eating Portion Control Meals

    For people who wish to lose weight, maintain a good figure, keeping their sugar levels in control etc etc should firstly lear...

Date: - Sep 7, 2016

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