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PuranPoli bobatlu

Puranpoli is a Maharashtrian recipe. This is a traditional recipe, made with chana dal and jaggery. Indian stuffed bread with sweet lentil filling....

Date: - Jan 25, 2019

purnam burelu

Indian sweet Purnam Burelu is made of Chana dal, Jaggery, Cardamom powder being the flavor enhancer and the outer casing is the same as the dosa batter made of urad dal and rice. ...

Date: - Jan 17, 2019

Sweet Potato Roti poli

Sweet potato poli is a stuffed flat bread made in traditional Indian style by stuffing boiled and mashed or grated sweet potato....

Date: - Sep 11, 2018


Sweet poli is a maharashtrian recipe of sweet flat bread. Poli is a delicious dessert prepared during important festivals....

Date: - Feb 25, 2019


Pumpkin bobbatlu are quick and easy south Indian sweets. Puran Poli is a flat sweet bread made with Jaggery and dal in Maharastra,Andhra, Tamilnadu,Karnataka,Gujarat and Goa...

Date: - Dec 19, 2018

Mogalai Style Almond Cashewnut Puran Poli

Mogalai Style Almond Cashewnut Puran Poli is one of the most delicious and a must recipe in all auspicious events. ...

Date: - Dec 11, 2018

Amti from Leftover puran (stuff used in puran poli)

When we prepare puran poli it may happen that the sweet stuff (that is puran used to stuff in puran poli) gets wasted or left out. This recipe uses the same stuff to prepare a delicious Amti, a maharastrian recipe. ...

Date: - Nov 10, 2016


This is a traditional sweet of Andhra which is made with milk. ...

Date: - Nov 2, 2016

Pala bakshyalu

This is a traditional sweet of Andhra which is made with milk and boiled and sweetened bengal gram, tastes mouthwatering when had with ghee on top....

Date: - Nov 28, 2016


    Puran Poli otherwise also known as poli, obbattu, hollige, bobbattlu, poleylu, bhakshalu or oligalu in different languages...

Date: - Sep 27, 2016

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