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10 Super Facts of Chia Seeds

Every thing about 10 Super Facts of Chia Seeds | Vahrehvah :


Off late there is a lot about Chia seeds and its health benefits all around food magazines, food blogs etc. What is this and what is so important about this seed? Here let me tell you some amazing facts about Chia seeds and the truth behind its craze. Chia seeds is the healthiest of all grain products. Chia seeds are tiny black and white seeds which are believed to be energy booster food. They are often soaked in water for a couple of hours and it would turn into a gluey, gooey substance.

This is added into smoothies, falooda, milk shakes etc. These seeds are commonly known as Sabja ginjalu in telugu and Sabja in Hindi. Chia seeds are exceptionally a great addition to be added to your meal. It is low fat and contains Omega-3S which promotes healthy brain functioning and growth. Chia seeds contain almost 5 gms of omega-3s per one ounce serving, which is more than are found in many meats and vegetables.

Omega3 fatty acids help with reducing cholesterol, inflammation and enhance cognitive functioning. Chia seeds are naturally full of antioxidants and have a long shelf life. It protects the body from free radicals and promotes slower body aging. Chia seeds can easily replace eggs as it has a gelatinous texture when combined with water, perfect for replacing eggs in baked goods.

It is best that goes well with cakes and quick breads. It is a perfect ingredient for vegans or those with egg allergies. Chia seeds are naturally gluten free and part of mint family. There is the perfect option for those with Celiac’s disease or gluten intolerances. It is a wonder filler food.  Research have shown that Chia seeds help fight diabetes. Studies have shown that chia seeds aid reduce spikes in blood sugar by slowly digestion and absorption of sugar into the blood steam.

Chia seeds are the best and healthy choice of protein for vegetarians and vegans. They are considered to be fantastic workout food as they contain protein which our body needs for sustaining energy and continuing muscle growth. This awesome tiny seeds contain tryptophan that helps make the stomach feel fuller fast. They aid in weight loss.

Chia seeds also are good source of calcium, phosphorous, fiber and manganese. All these nutrients are important for a healthy body and contribute in making the bones strong, proper digestion and have balanced weight. Chia seeds supports good health such as supports healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels, supports brain function memory, builds strength and endurance, and it also supports proper cell growth for breast, colon and prostrate health.

Adding up these humble yet highly nutritional seeds to your meal will benefits you with good health, and long life At Vahrehvah, we offer you with a wide range of healthy, nutritious, air fried snacks and delicious recipes that are quick and easy to prepare using very little oil. Do try these recipes and enjoy healthy cooking.

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