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Are Sprouts Healthy to Eat?

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Sprouts are one of the most power-packed ingredients that come with a number of nutrients that are good to keep our body healthy and fit. It is one of the most cheapest, convenient and natural vegetarian food which in true sense, is a super food that are alkaline, whole, pure and natural foods.

Sprouting grains, legumes and seeds is actually the transitional stage between seed and plant. In simple words, it’s the baby plant and is essentially pre-digested foods as the seeds have enzymes that do most of the work. Sprouting enables the seed to produce enormous enhanced bundle of nutrients, essential minerals and vitamins making them extremely a good source of protein, vitamin Band fiber.

Sprouted seeds can be eaten either raw or cooked. They are many kinds of seeds, grains and beans that are sprouted to obtain healthy and nutritional benefits. You just need to take the right precautionary measure to stay safe and derive the greatest benefits.

Benefits of eating sprouts: Do include few serving of fresh sprouts in your salad instead of munching of junk foods or fried foods. Sprouts contain very less calories compared to other snacks and rich sources of vitamin C, K, fiber and other vital minerals. You could always use variety of raw sprouts like mung beans, alfalfa beans, soya beans,  chickpeas,  cow peas, radish etc.

Watch them thoroughly before using them in fresh salads and sandwiches. Sprouting is very easy to make at home. You just need to add some water to soak the sprouts for at least 6 hours or overnight and later remove the water and tight them in a muslin cloth for sprouting.

Sprouts is one of the super foods if you are looking for reducing weight as it has fewer calories and helps to keep your weight under control. Include limited portion of sprouts in your daily diet so as to get good amount of protein and other nutrients. Sprouts are the ideal substitute for lentils in various salads.

Nutritionist state that sprouts are free from sodium hence helps the body to reduce high blood pressure, hyper tension and other heart related problems. They are also the best plant based natural foods that aids in reducing our cholesterol levels.

Eating sprouts increased the digestion ability and flushes out all the impurities and detoxifies the blood. Apart from the above good benefits including sprouts in our diet, we also need to be cautious about some harmful effect of eating sprouts.

Firstly remember that if sprouting in not done in the right and healthy way then there are chances for this super food to create problems to our body. If sprouts are not cleaned properly then the bacteria present in the sprout will multiply and finally keep us sick after consuming them.

Sometimes raw sprouts are hard to digest hence do consume in limited portions. Overall it is amazing to know that Sprouts are nutritious food that can help maintain good health and has the ability to protect us from certain diseases.

It is highly rich in essential nutrients as some of the sprouts contain Vitamins A, B1, B6, C and K. It is also in rich in few minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and manganese. Besides these, sprouts also have dietary fiber, Omega 3 fatty acids, folate, and rich source of protein.

Consider including sprouts in salads, soups, vegetarian curries, meat dishes or rice preparations to make them extremely nutritious, appetizing and stomach filling. Do try some of the below listed health and nutritious recipes that include sprouts, beans, legumes, etc:

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Valchi Usal

Vala Chi Birda - Field Beans Curry

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