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Gooseberry – A Total Health Booster

Every thing about Gooseberry – A Total Health Booster | Vahrehvah :


Since ages, amla or Indian gooseberry is a valued fruit that is being used in making various Ayurveda drugs. Gooseberry is an awesome fruit that is good for eyes, skin and hair. Fruits from amla tree are often used for making ayurvedic preparations. Overall it is an excellent health booster in keeping your body fit and strong packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


The goodness of drinking amla juice helps in balancing the cholesterol levels, is loaded with anti-cancer properties, increases immunity and also has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antioxidant properties. Eating amla could enhance your overall health and create disease fighting capabilities sturdy.


Amla is exceptionally hair and skin friendly. Drinking the juice of amla reduces burning sensation of skin and strengthens the hair follicles and reduces the inflammation of scalp skin. Ayurveda studies have shown that amla helps in enhancing memory power and sharpens the sensitivity of sense organs.


Amla is a refreshing and cooling herb that aid in proper digestion and reduces acidity. Amla contains high fibre content and potassium which help ease constipation problem. Health benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla): Amla is a very powerful antioxidant agent and the richest natural source of vitamin C.


Amla juice taken with honey provides longevity. Amla juice is one of the best natural anti-aging remedies. A small amla is equal to 2 oranges if compared with vitamin C. Drinking amla juice daily improves eye sight considerably and have a clear and beautiful skin. This juice is very effective in treating peptic ulcers and acidity.


Amla juice has the power to fight cancers, improve immunity and contains nutrients which can make grey hair turn black. Eating amla murabba daily in the morning lowers the blood pressure. Regular use of amla juice rejuvenates and restores the vitality of the body. Amla juice taken with honey improves eyesight, nearsightedness and cataract.


Amla/ Indian Gooseberry contains chromium hence is very useful in controlling blood sugar level. Happiness isn’t a myth. Life is short and sweet. Ultimately it’s just all up to you to follow a healthy lifestyle and build your health.  With slight changes in your eating habits and lifestyle, you could do wonders to look young, energetic and healthy. At Vahrehvah, we offer you with a wide range of healthy, nutritious, air fried snacks and delicious recipes that are quick and easy to prepare using very little oil.


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