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My Popular Salad Recipes

Every thing about My Popular Salad Recipes | Vahrehvah :

Salads are the most appetizing, delectable, yummy and healthy food that many of us love to eat. It is a popular, ready to eat dish made of diverse ingredient.  It can be made with a mix of veggiesfruits or a combination of both. A salad could also be spicy, mildly spiced, sweet & spicy, tangy or chatpata. Most salads are made with raw ingredients but some use cooked ingredients too. Salads made with green leafy vegetables are generally served with a dressing like the Spinach Salad with Yogurt. These salads can be eaten either chilled or at moderate temperature. Apart from giving in a nice zesty dressing to the salad they also contain various garnishes such as nuts or croutons, and sometimes are added with meat, fish, pasta, cheese, eggs or whole grains. Some varieties that include these are the Oriental Green Bean Salad and Egg Salad

Salads can be eaten at any point during the meal. It can be served as appetizer and a light salad stimulates the appetite as the first course of the meal. Salads containing heartier portions of chicken breast or slices of beef can be served as Main course. Most Salads are low calorie, fresh, refreshing, healthy and are satisfying meals on their own or perfect accompaniments to main dishes. A salad can be yum and appetizing when it’s done just right. Here I have got a great selection of some of my popular Salad recipes that you’ll also love to try-

  • Coleslaw: Coleslaw also known as cabbage salad, simply called slaw inAmerican dialects, is a type of salad made of shredded raw cabbage and sometimes includes shredded carrots mixed with homemade mayonnaise.

  • Russian Salad: The delicious salad contains all sorts of vegetables, both traditional to Russia and imported. This salad is very refreshing and light, usually served with dresses that enhance their  Russian salad is the perfect balancing element for the somewhat heavy meat dishes.

Find healthy, delicious salad recipes including fruit, vegetable, chicken, egg and healthy salad dressings. Whatever sort of salad you’re after, we’ve got a great selection of salad recipes guaranteed to please

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