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Popular Beans & Peas Recipes

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Green peas is one of the most prized and liked ingredients by most of us. It combines well into making of any exotic and delectable dish. Botanically, pea plant is an herbaceous vine belonging to the Fabaceae family of the genus, Pisum, scientific name: pisum sativum. They are commonly known as green peas, peas, English peas, sweet peas, garden peas, mutter, pachai pattani etc. Fresh green peas are simply tasty and one of the leguminous vegetable.

The cute little green small balls are starchy, sweet to taste and are one of the ancient cultivated vegetables grown for their succulent nutritious green-pods. They probably originated in the sub-Himalayan plains of north-west India. The taste of fresh green peas is sweet and looks pleasing when added to dishes. It also gives a nice sweet and nutty taste to the dish. Including green peas in your daily meal is an excellent idea. They are one of the most nutritious leguminous vegetable rich in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

They are rich source of vitamin A, K and definitely low in calories. Inclusion of fresh green peas into any dish is a choice for all including the children as it tastes sweet when it is fresh. Green peas can be added to just anything right from the soup, curries, stir fries, fried rice or cooked with any vegetable. In India, fresh green peas are used in various dishes to enhance the taste and give a nice creamy and sweet taste when eaten.

Beans are an important source of protein an interesting modern example of the diversity of bean use is the modern urban recipe 15 bean soup, which, as the name implies, contains literally fifteen different varieties of bean. Christopher Columbus, during his exploration has first seen most kinds of commonly eaten fresh beans which may have been the first grown in fields in Bahamas.

In India, as the Chikkudukaya or Indian broad beans is seasonal they are cooked in many ways either stir fried or cooked with other vegetables like the Bean potato curry, tomato or with methi (fenugreek) leaves. Broad beans are good sources of protein, fibre, vitamins A and C, potassium and iron. They also contain L-dopa, a chemical the body uses to produce dopamine, an important neurotransmitter involved in learning, mood control and motivation.

Some also use fava beans as a natural alternative to drugs like Viagra, citing a link between L-dopa production and the human libido. There are various ways of adding these generous and delicious beans into making a variety of curries, stir-fries, stews or rice preparations such as Field Beans Curry, Vaal ni Dal no Pulav, Valachi Usal etc. Other different types of fresh green beans are widely used in Indian cuisine and have created recipes that are par excellence and mouth-watering.

Fresh green peas & beans is an excellent combination to make a variety of curries. You could also prepare them separately and enjoy the taste or mix with other veggies to create new variations in taste.

Some of my wonderful recipes made with peas are Peas Masala, Green Peas Kochuri, Peas pulao, Mutter Paneer masala etc.

Below listed are some of my favourite & popular Beans & Peas recipes:

Sambar with Field Green Beans

Sambar with Field Green Beans commonly known as Avarakkai Sambar in southern India is a very popular lentil combined with Field green beans combined with spices to make it very delicious and flavourful.

Padval Dalimbi Baaji Typical highly nutritious, protein rich Maharashtrian dish made with Padval which means Snake gourd and Dalimbi means field beans cooked in a spicy curry.

Dalimbi bhat

Dalimbi Bhat is a traditional, very delicious Maharashtra delicacy made with field beans, rice and spices especially cooked for special occasions. This yummy popular is aromatic, flavourful and has all the rich spices of India, the special spice mix Gouda masala from the Maharashtrian cuisine and the flavourful sweet grated coconut giving this dish amazing taste and flavours that would tickle your taste buds craving for more.

Crispy Fried Green Beans

Crispy fried green beans are an awesome snack made with French beans coated with some spicy batter and deep fried until done. Topped with grated cheese.

Green Beans with Sesame seed masala

This is a very simple recipe and can be prepared at easy & has a nutty finish with sesame.

Stir fried Sesame Potato Beans

Looking for a different treatment for garden-fresh green beans .Try this stir-fried side dish. It's nicely seasoned with spices and we can have it with chapati, rotis.

Aloo Barbati

Aloo barbate is an amazing dish made with green yard long beans and potatoes. The beans get cut in random sized parts. Same thing happens to potatoes and they get cooked on medium heat because and the beans get slightly golden or brown because of the high heat cooking.

Green Peas Poori

Crispy puris stuffed with green peas are superbly flavoured and simply divine. You will enjoy these puris with Aloo ki Subji. Puris have always been considered a treat for all occasions including the worship of family deities.

Mattar Paneer in Yellow Curry

Mattar Paneer in Yellow curry is popularly known as Mattar Paneer Korma which is an awesome and mouth-watering dish made with peas and cottage cheese cooked in mildly spiced creamy nut gravy. The gravy is one of the most aromatic and luscious spicy, tangy and rich sauce influenced from the Mughlai cuisine.

Kaju Matar Usal - Cashew nuts cooked with Green Peas

Kaju Matar Usal - Cashew nuts cooked with Green Peas in Maharashtra cuisine.

Vegetarian Keema Matar- Soya Keema

The keema with the peas can be a good combination and also it a good variation for vegetrian who likes keema and also it is used for making stuffed paranthas and naans; for stuffing aloo tikkis. A super delicious and easy recipe!

Green Peas and Saag Masala Curry

A popular north Indian dish made with green peas cooked in creamy, silky saag (leaf-based) masala curry.

Green Peas Paratha

Green Peas paratha is a very delicious, healthy and filling breakfast. It can be served with pickles or curd.

Hara Bhara Kabab

The crispy hara bhara kabab is a vegetarian kabab is full of aromatic spices, made from spinach, green peas and potatoes it is nutritious snack,  great with any chutney or sauce.

Mushrooms Peas and Spring Onion Curry

Try this easy Mushroom with Peas And Spring Onions recipe and make delicious recipe its healthier and tasty dish which goes well with chapati or rice.

Keema Matar

Keema/ Kheema/ Qeema Matar: Mince meat of lamb cooked with peas, you can substitute it with chicken, turkey, beef. Keema matar is delicious meat recipe made with mince meat cooked with green pea.

Paneer Matar Masala

Mattar Paneer is a delicious slightly sweet and spicy North Indian saucy dish consisting of Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) and peas. This North Indian curry made with mutter (peas) and paneer (cottage cheese) is probably the craved for dish and available in most restaurants.

Tari wali Aloo Matar

Tari Wali Aloo Mattar is an excellent spicy curry based dish with nicely golden fried whole potatoes floating in exotic, flavourful, spicy and silky gravy.

Babycorn Mushroom Peas in Onion Tomato Gravy

Babycorn Mushroom Peas in Onion Tomato gravy is a fantastic, yummy gravy dish that goes well with roti, chapatti or pulaos.

Beans Chatpata

Chatpata beans made with broad beans has a nice tangy taste, slightly spicy and a nutty flavor cooked with few aromatic spices. Goes well with chapati, roti, rice etc.

Cabbage Vatana Curry

Cabbage Vatana Curry is an amazing side dish made with dry white peas also commonly known as vatana cooked along with cabbage, potatoes combined with some flavourful spices.

Harabara Chana Soup

Harabara Channa Soup is a delicious, refreshing and nutritious recipe consists of black chickpeas or kala channa as the basis for this soup broth cooked along with few aromatic spices. Black beans are a great source of many dietary needs and this humble legume is a great way to prepare and eat as a meal or as a condiment for other foods.

Green peas and beans can be cooked with rice or added into starter or side dish. This can be eaten with rice, roti, chapatti, phulkas or naan.

Do try these recipes and delight your palate with different variations of beans & peas recipes.

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