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Every thing about WHOLE GREEN GRAM USAL | Vahrehvah :

Whole green gram usal is a popular stir fry dish from the Maharashtrian cuisine, commonly known as Mugachi usal. It is made with green gram cooked with flavourful garlic, coconut and various spices. This dish is also specially added with the special black Maharashtrian masala that enhances the flavors of the dish. This dish that can be served with either roti or chapatti.   Apart from this it is not only a delicious also refreshing and appetizing side dish.

Usal or Oosal is a well-known Maharashtrian dish generally made with matki (matkichi usal) or moong. Beans are usually soaked in water and allowed to sprout. The sprouted beans are stir fried along with onions, spices and curry leaves in oil adding little water to cook the sprouts. It is usually a thick gravy dish and the use of spices varies according to the sprouts used and according to taste.

Green gram, also known as the mung bean, is a small round bean similar in shape to the field pea. It is one of the important pulse crops in India. It forms a very nutritious diet as well as a protein rich staple food. It contains about 25 percent protein, which is almost three times that of cereals. This plant is a native of India and since ancient times it has been in cultivation. It is not found in a wild state. It was introduced early into Southern China, Indo-China and Java. It has been introduced in comparatively recent times into East and Central Africa, the West Indies and the United States.

Coconut, is a key ingredient in many types of cuisines and is used in various culinary uses. The oil and milk derived from it are commonly used in cooking and frying, as well as in soaps and cosmetics. The white, fleshy part of the coconut, is edible and used fresh or dried in cooking. The fleshy part can be desiccated to produce coconut milk in making curry dish and other dishes using coconut milk. The coconut also has cultural and religious significance in certain societies, particularly used in Hindu rituals. Coconuts are the fruit of the palm tree. Many dishes can make using coconut like kobbari Burelu, coconut rice etc.

This dish is a unique and special, also gives you pleasant smell. You can prepare this dish in less time with very less oil and is extremely nutritious. This recipe is very homey and requires basic ingredients.

Cooking tips:

  • Home-made sprouts are much fresher and tastier than the ones you can buy in a store. If you need sprouts for a particular meal, be sure to plan a day in advance.

Health tips:

  • If you're having trouble losing weight because you feel too hungry whenever you cut back on calories, consider adding green gram to your diet.
  • Women and children have the greatest need for iron and are at the most risk for deficiency. Combining your green gram with a vitamin C-rich food, such as peppers, helps with iron absorption.

Enjoy this fulfilled nutritious dish as a part of your meal.


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