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 Khagina style is an excellent breakfast dish popular in Pakistan and India. It is also known as Egg khagina (Anday ka khagina in Urdu) or Egg bhurji. The preparation and appearance of khagina style is similar to scrambled eggs which is prepared with eggs, onions, spices and herbs that is deliciously accompanied with any Indian flat bread such as roti, chapatti or paratha.


Egg khagina is a favorite weekend dish amongst Pakistani families and each household has its own version and method of preparation. Thus ingredients may differ but a typical classic khagina contains eggs, onions, and tomatoes, salt, crushes red chili, green chili and coriander. Vegetables can also be added to a khagina which are chopped finely rather than sliced.


The cooking method may take the following form. Some cooking oil or ghee is warmed in a frying pan and chopped onions are added and sautéed. Once the onions have softened chopped tomatoes, salt, coriander and the spices are added and cooked for further minute or two until the tomatoes become soft.


Finally the eggs are cracked into the frying pan and scrambled along with the rest of ingredients until the eggs are fully cooked through. Roti or paratha is then used to scoop up the khagina. Khagina can be made by adding various variations like inclusion of boiled potatoes cut into small cubes to make the dish more filling.


Adding fresh peas, carrots, capsicum and other similar vegetables enhances the taste of the dish and gives a high nutritious value. Tomatoes can also be added to the beaten eggs before adding them into the pan giving the dish a tangy flavor. Other ingredients may be added as per your personal preferences where you can also add mushrooms and capsicums.


Khagina style of cooking is very similar to the scrambled eggs, a dish made from beaten whites and yolks of eggs. Beaten eggs are put into a hot pan (usually greased) and stirred frequently forming curds as they coagulate. This dish is popular and similar to the scrambled eggs of the Parsi dish known as Akoori. The difference lies in the addition of sautéed chopped onions, chilies, and optional spices.


There are many ways to prepare scrambled eggs keeping its nutritional benefits. Eggs are generally very healthy and extremely nutrient and mineral rich having a great source of iron, essential amino acids, vitamin A, calcium, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, phosphorus, folic acid, vitamin E, vitamin D and many others. There are a variety of recipes that one can prepare with eggs like egg pulusu, omelette, steamed eggs, egg fried rice, egg korma and so on….


For preparing the Egg khagina, firstly heat some butter in a pan and fry the chopped onions till well browned (do not let the onions burn).


Add little turmeric powder, cumin seeds powder and green chilies and fry all for about half minute and then break the eggs and add egg white and yolk in the pan.


Stir and cook the eggs till it thickens and gets cooked. Garnish with finely chopped fresh coriander leaves. Serve the egg khagina hot with chapatti or bread and tomato slices on the side.


To try this recipe click on the below link for detailed recipe:


Eggs are high in fat as they contain good fats that the body needs and is able to digest. If your are on a diet plan then take egg in moderation as they contain cholesterol or else just have the egg white. The excellent way to increase the overall health benefits of Egg khagina is to scramble them with fresh herbs and vegetables.



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