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Popular & Easy Coconut Recipes Sweets

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Continuing our quest to know more on coconut is a very versatile ingredient that is used in a variety of savory and sweet dishes. Coconut is a tropical fruit of the coconut palm tree that grows wild on tropical seacoasts and is cultivated in moist, frost free climates.


This tree is abundantly found in Southeast Asian countries. Coconut meat is shredded or flaked and used in baked goods, candies, a variety of burfis and ladoos. In southern India, coconut is extensively used in making a variety of sweet dishes.


Coconut is used in various ways for culinary use. The white flesh meat in the coconut is edible and can be used fresh or dried for cooking. The fleshy part can also be used to produce coconut milk which is used in various aromatic and flavorful dishes like cooking fish in coconut milk with spices or for making kheer (Indian dessert).


Fresh coconut adds a nice, delicate natural sweet flavor to the dish. Fresh grated coconut meat is used in making of Puttu which is a culinary delicacy of Kerala and Tamil Nadu where layers of coconut alternate with layers of powdered rice are fitted into a bamboo stalk or in recent times this has been replaced with steel or aluminium tubes, which is then steamed over a pot.


Often tender coconut is used in making smoothies; the meat of a young coconut can be turned into coconut milk when put through a juicer. Some of the popular Sweet recipes made with coconut are:


Nariyal Vadi – Coconut Burfi Coconut Burfi a succulent, chewy Indian sweet delicacy made with coconut cooked in milk and khoya and garnished with dry fruits.Nariyal Vadi or Coconut burfi is a succulent, chewy, mouth-watering Indian sweet delicacy made with fresh coconut cooked in milk and khoya combined together, garnished with dry fruits and flavoured with cardamom powder. Nariyal vadi or Nariyal burfi or Khobra pak are all different names of coconut burfi. 


Coconut cookies Cookies cookies is a very basic crispy and delicious biscuits made with all-purpose flour, eggs, sugar, butter and dessicated coconut mixed together and baked. 

Coconut Rice Pudding Coconut rice pudding is a mix of boiled rice, sweetened, garnished with coconut and baked until firm.


Coconut Pancake This simple pancake with Indian flavors and fit to treated as comfort food. 

Sweet Coconut and Oats Paratha Coconut and sugar stuffed chapathi/Paratha with cardamom flavor can be had for breakfast or evening quick healthy snack. 

Golden Goodies Cookies Golden goodies cookies made with desiccated coconut and it is a basic and simple cookie which taught in every catering colleges. They taste excellent and melt in mouth. This cookie is very good tea time snack. 

Kajjikaya Kajjikaya, a traditional Andhra sweet that is prepared by rolling out small balls of maida dough into thin puris and filled with a mixture of dry coconut, sugar, semolina and cardamom powder and deep fried. Is a popular sweet called Karanji Karchikai in Karnataka and Kajjikayalu in Andhra. The outer cover is crispy and slightly crunchy and provides a tasty balance with the sweet coconut filling. Very easy to make and keeps well for weeks in an air tight container.


Rava Cake Basbousa Rava Cake, popularly known as Basbousa are small cakes made of semolina soaked in simple syrup. Sometimes coconut added and flavored with either orange flower water or rose water. These are perfect with coffee or tea. 

Sweet dosa with flour Sweet dosa made with whole wheat flour. A popular Indian sweet pancake! 

Suji Rava Laddu Semolina This Indian dessert is very tasty and also hugely popular. It's perfect to make when time is short Ladoos are popular Indian sweet dish anytime Rava ladoo or rava laddu is a popular Indian sweet which is prepared from semolina (rava), ghee, little milk, sugar, dry fruits and cardamom.

Talikala Paayasam Talikala payasam is traditional recipe made especially on Ganesh festival. This is a kind of noodles made from mixing wheat flour and jaggery water and cooked in milk with some dry fruits.

Sweet Pongal Sakarai Pongal is a sweet and buttery porridge-like dish that is traditionally prepared in South India for the Makar Sankranti. Sweetened rice cooked with mix of sugar/jaggery, coconut pieces or moong daal. 


These are some of the most exotic and mouth-watering sweet recipes made with coconut.


Do try these delectable and luscious dishes.


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