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Bhindi Chatny is very graceful, mildly spiced chutney made with fried bhindi (okra) and tomatoes combined with green chili and garlic crushed freshly to make coarse chutney. You could also add freshly chopped coriander leaves and a pinch of sugar to enhance the taste of the dish. Bhindi is also known as Lady Finger and Okra in English.

It is also known by various names all over Indian. It is commonly known as Bhindi in Hindi and in southern India, it is known as "benda kaya" in Telugu, "bandakka" in Sinhala, vendaikkai in Tamil and "bende kaya" in Kannada. In Thailand, it is known as "KraJiabMawn" which is Thai for "Lady's Fingers". It is known as bamya (bamiya) in Arabic speaking countries.

In South and South East Europe it is known as bamya (bamija). In Romania, it is known as "bamă". In Albania, it is known as bamje. In Israel, it is called bamia. Bhindi is a versatile and easy vegetable to cook. You can either fry, or make a curry or stuff it. It is one of the favorite veggies especially the kids and the young. Bhindi is rich in soluble fiber and is known to have diuretic properties.

Bhindi is also part of several other traditional cuisines all over the world and said to improve nutrition. It is usually cooked with lots of onions without covering it with a lid mainly to avoid sogginess as raw bhindi is slimy and has glue like substance in it. Bhindi is also deep fried and combined with fried curry leaves and peanuts to make it crunchy, delicious and is a favorite dish in most of marriage functions or feasts or parties.

Okra is commonly known as Bhindi in northern India and is a very popular side dish cooked in various ways. Most of the time it is chopped then cooked with the onions and spices. For best cooking results, okra should be tender, bright green and fresh as mature lady finger becomes tough and stringy. Bhindi becomes slimy once it is chopped and when the veggie comes in contact with water. Hence most of the north Indian cooking, Bhindi is never cooked with water.

To avoid sliminess, okra pods are often briefly stir-fried, or cooked with acidic ingredients such as citrus, tomatoes, or vinegar. A few drops of lemon juice will usually suffice. In most of the Middle Eastern countries and other parts of eastern Mediterranean, lady finger is widely used in making stew made with vegetables and meat. It is also one of the most popular vegetables among West Asians, North Indians and Pakistani cuisines.

There are various recipe which includes Bharvan Bhindi Okra Lady Finger, Bhindi Masala, Bhindi Gosht, Bhindi-Prawns curry pulusu, Vendakai Okra Kozhambu and so on…

To prepare this fantastic and delicious Bhindi Chatny, firstly cut the bhindi into small round pieces and fry them in oil well. Fry green chilies and tomato well separately. In the dink chik ding, put the green chili and garlic and crush it upto 75%. Add salt to taste, tomato, fried bhindi and crush it till the bhindi divides into 4 pieces. Add sugar, coriander leaves and mix well. Serve with chapatti, roti, bread or rice.

Tip: Deep fry the okra such that the stickiness goes off and do not crush it to a paste completely while making the chutney. Do not add water while grinding the mixture. Add sugar and green chili according to your taste.

Do click on the below link for the detailed recipe and try preparing this exceptional and delicious Bhindi chatny:

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