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Omelette Curry

Omelette curry is spicy dish made with eggs, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, red chillies and spices that makes a great side dish with chapatti, roti or rice. It is usually a very simple recipe when you have friends or guest visiting you unannounced. Egg is exceptionally a comfort food and can be had in any form by boiling the eggs, fried egg, baked eggs or scrambled eggs. Omelette curry is an exotic dish made with omelette cut into pieces and cooked in tangy and spicy tomato, mustard paste gravy.

Omelette or Omelet is dish made from beaten eggs quickly cooked with butter or oil in a frying pan. It is also folded around a filling of cheese, vegetables, meat (often ham) or in combination. To make a wonderful fluffy texture, whole eggs or sometimes egg whites are beaten with a small amount of milk or cream (the idea being to have bubbles of water vapor trapped within the rapidly cooked egg). The bubbles are what make the omelette light and fluffy.

There are various ways of making the omelette. Omelette may also be filled with ham, onions and green bell peppers or with cheese and mushrooms etc. Omelette are usually partially cooked on the top side and not flipped, even prior to folding. You can also make an egg white omelette which omits the yolks to remove fat and cholesterol.

Omelette is called by various names like French omelette, Spanish omelette, Frittata (an open faced Italian omelette that contains cheese, vegetables or even leftover pasta) and Indian Omelette usually made with the addition of spices which vary by region. Most commonly used are finely chopped green chilies, chopped onions, coriander leaf or powder, cumin and a pinch of turmeric, all of which are added to the egg before it is whisked.

An exception to this is the tomato omelette which doesn't contain egg, but is called an omelette simply because of its resemblance to an omelette. In Japan, Tamagoyaki is a traditional Omelette (pronounced omuretsu) can mean a western omelette. Omurice (from the English words "omelette" and "rice") is an omelette filled with rice and usually served with a large amount of tomato ketchup. Omu-soba is an omelette with yakisoba as its filling.

The Spanish tortilla de patatas is a traditional and very popular thick omelette containing sliced potatoes sautéed in cooking oil. Omelette is an exotic dish which can be eaten during breakfast, lunch or dinner time. It can also be sandwiched between two slices of bread or bun and eaten as a fast food. Making the omelette cooked in spicy tomato gravy is truly delicious and luscious.

For preparing the Omelette curry, firstly break the eggs one by one and drop the egg yolks and white in a mixing bowl. To this add salt, milk, some dhania (coriander) leaves and finely chopped green chillies.

Heat oil in frying pan and when the oil gets hot, pour the beaten eggs on the frying pan and make omelettes and keep aside.

Cut the omelettes into 1 inch square pieces. Heat oil in a kadai or pan and when it gets hot add jeera and when it begins to splutter add the whole garam masala.

After a minute add ginger garlic paste, mustard paste and fry and then all the powdered masala and sauté for 2 minutes. Add the chopped tomato and sauté everything for 2 minutes.

Now add the cut pieces of omelette and mix lightly. To this add some desi ghee (clarified butter) and boiled water to the curry. Bring this to a boil and put off the flame.

Finally add the malai and stir carefully. Garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves and serve warm with rice or hot pooris. The thought of this Omelette curry (omelette cooked in spicy gravy) is very tempting and craving. It is a delectable side dish which is healthy, nutritious and stomach filling.

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Egg is one of the most nutritious and comfort food in our diet.

It is rich in minerals, proteins, and vitamins, all of which are easily absorbed by the body. Eggs are a good source of essential minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and iodine. Eggs are rich in vitamin B, especially vitamin b12, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K. It should be noted that very few food items that contain vitamin D, egg being one of them. An egg is composed of about 11% proteins. Further it contains all the amino acids necessary for body metabolism.

This makes eggs an essential part of the diet of those who wish to increase weight and build muscles. Most of the proteins are concentrated in the white part of the egg, known as albumin (albumen) or egg white. The nutritional value of eggs makes it good for immunity, strong vision, and treatment of macular degeneration, nervous system, strong bones, and blood formation.

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