Palak Puri

Palak Puri is simple yet delicious deep fried Indian bread made with combining sooji (semolina), wheat flour, maida and spinach puree. This is an excellent snack especially for kids who do not like eating green leafy vegetables.

Palak Puri is a fantastic breakfast dish which can also be served during lunch or evening snack or dinner. This is a popular Maharashtrian dish and generally prepared in most north Indian states, served with a yummy and mouth-watering paneer dish like paneer butter masala, saag paneer or aloo sabji etc. Palak means spinach and incorporating spinach puree in the dough is a healthy and nutritious way of eating packed with numerous vitamins and minerals. This dish is used to fortify the simple bred and can be eaten with a pickle on the side.

Palak puri, nowadays have become a popular dish in most get-togethers, festivals, occasions etc. This dish has become part of an elaborate Thali menu depending on the occasion. Puri, as such is well known unleavened Indian bread commonly consumed all over India and other countries of South Asia. It is generally consumed for breakfast accompanied with a subzi which makes a scrumptious light and nutritious meal. The name puri is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘purika’. Puri is often served at ceremonial functions, special occasions along with other vegetarian food offered in prayers as Prasad. Puri is traditionally served with halwa, korma, channa masala, dal (lentil stew), potato based curry like Potato saagu or Potato bhaji, Shrikand and Basundi etc.

There are several variants of making Puri which includes masala puri, sweet puri etc. One of the most popular variations of puri is the bhatura which is almost three times the size of a puri and is served with chole (spicy chickpeas). This dish is commonly called as Chole Bhatura and is traditionally served in most of the food stalls in states of Punjab, Delhi and most parts of North India. The only difference between puri and bhatura is that puri is made with wheat flour (atta) whereas bhatura is made with leavened all purpose flour (maida). Another variant of the Puri popular in the eastern states of West Bengal and Orissa is the Luchi. Few other healthy and nutritious puris are cheese puri, dal puri, beetroot puri or chicken puri etc. Kids would enjoy eating these diverse pooris which is easy to carry and simple to prepare.

For preparing the Palak Puri, firstly wash and chop the spinach. Grind palak in a blender and turn it into a fine paste. In a bowl, add sooji, little water, oil, salt and mix well. Add wheat flour (atta), maida, and spinach puree, mix all of these together to make a tight/tough dough, add water only if needed. Divide the dough into lemon sized balls and roll each of them by dusting some flour or with oil into small puris with a rolling pin. Heat oil in a kadai and when the oil is hot enough, fry all the puris one by one on both sides until they turn slightly brown in colour and get puffy. Serve hot with chutney or aloo subji.

Tip –

Puri dough should be tighter than a Paratha dough

Palak puri goes extremely well accompanied with any vegetable curry or korma. Do try this exceptionally nutritious recipe and enjoy the delicious taste of the palak puri. Click on the link for detailed recipe:

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You can also check other variation of making the Palak puri by clicking the below link:

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