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Popular Channa Dal Recipes

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Dals are commonly used in Indian cooking. It is one of my most vital elements cooked almost every day and is eaten with either rice, roti or chapattis. Dal is also one of the well known pulses commonly prepared in every house in South Asian countries. I enjoy preparing dal especially giving an excellent tempering or tadka to the dal as it actually remarkably brings out the flavor and taste which makes our taste buds salivate and urge to eat more.


Besides dal being delicious when cooked, it also have many nutritional values. They are rich in proteins. There are different types of pulses that provide vegan proteins. There are a very of dals that are important for any typical Indian diet. Some of the commonly used dals are tur dal, channa dal, urad dal, moong dal, masoor dal etc. Here I shall bring out of my favourite and popular channa dal recipes.


Chana dal is the split Bengal gram, one of the most popular legumes in India. Indian cooking is resisted with the huge use of chana dal in different ways. Chana dal is highly nutritious even when is roasted or powdered to make the besan atta, i.e. chickpea flour or Bengal gram flour. In India, almost every region has some special delicacies and recipes made with split Bengal gram.


These are the tiny chickpeas which have been split and polished into a smooth firm. Chana dal is valued mainly for its wonderful taste and is used for making a variety of soups and salads. The dal is rich and extremely delicious after cooking. Chana dal or the besan flour can be incorporated in making a variety of savoury and sweet delicacies.


They are extremely delicious in taste, full of nutrition and can be digested easily. Chana dal is low in fat and high in fiber and the besan flour is an excellent source of calcium, proteins, folate and zinc in human body. It helps in lowering cholesterol and is beneficial for the diabetics because of its unique properties and low glycemic index. One can make a variety of dishes with chana dal.


Some of the popular dishes made with this dal are: Chana-Dal Dhokla, Chana Dal Paratha, Palak Chana Dal, Chana Dal Halwa


Below are few popular Channa Dal Recipes that I most love to eat:

Turai Chana Dal

Turai Chana Dal or Beerakaaya senagapappu curry is a fantastic side dish and a delicious, flavourful combination of ridge gourd and chana dal cooked in an aromatic tomato gravy and spices. This is has a nice sweet taste emanating from turai (ridge gourd), meaty and nutty flavours from chana dal. The soft fleshed sweet and mildly spiced ridge gourd cooked with Bengal gram (chana dal) really makes a luscious curry recipe which is a perfect dish served with rice, roti or jeera rice.

Kheema Channa Dal

Keema Channa dal is a yummy and spicy dish. Keema or minced meat cooked with channa dal in amazing spicy masala gravy.

Masala Vada

Masala Vada is a savory fritter prepared with Chana dal (gram dal) and few spices. They are deep fried and served hot.

Country Chicken & Channa Curry

The Unique taste of Country Chicken is what brings people to eat country chicken cooked with channa dal The Unique and authentic taste of Country Chicken is what brings people to eat country chicken cooked with channa dal spiced to make an excellent side dish.

Dal Maharani

Dal Maharani is a mix of three varieties of dals cooked together with spices to give a unique taste and texture.

Qubooli Lentil Biryani

Qubooli is an Urdu word meaning ‘acceptance’. , Its an good and flavorful combination of lentil ,rice and spices the preparation is most like biryani .

Mix Veg Multi Dal Adai Cheese Dosa

Mix Veg Multi Dal Adai Cheese Dosa is one of the best food suited for kids and it is always a hit with the little tots and make this Adais as a reward to your kids.

Bengali Cholar Dal

A classical dal preparation from Bengal with channa dal and garnished with coconut and sweetned with jaggery, served with soft loochies.

Steamed Masala Vada

Steamed Masala vada/ Tadka Pakoda is a healthier version of a deep fried masala vada/ fritter. Soaked split chana dal along with red chillies, ginger, onion, curry leaves, and peppercorns blended together gives an exceptional taste and flavour. The steamed vada are lightly sauté in a sizzling tadka to give that extra zest and bliss to the dish.

Channa Shreela Konkani

Channa Shreela Konkani is a typical and delicious Maharashtrain/ Konkan dish made with Channa Dal and Ridge gourd cooked in spicy creamy thick gravy. It's an excellent dish, flavourful and nutritious. A very easy dish to cook and a must try recipe.

Puran Poli/ Bobatlu - Sweet Bread

Puran poli is a sweetened roti/ chapati stuffed with a delicious sweet fillings made of channa dal and jaggery.

Amba Dal - Salad or Chutney

Amba dal is made from mashed channa dal mixed with raw, grated mango and fresh coconut tempered with mustard and green chillies. Amba dal is also known as Ambe dal or Ambyachi dal in Marathi. This is a very popular dal especially made with raw mangoes which has an amazing sour taste that complements well with the dal.

Purnam Burelu

Puram burelu is made of Chana dal, jaggery, cardamom powder being the flavor enhancer and the outer casing is the same as the dosa batter made of urad dal and rice.

Channa dal is a small, splited, size of a half chickpea, dull yellow in color with a sweet and nutty flavor. One of the most popular dal in India used mainly in seasoning and many other varieties of dishes. Cooked Channa dal normally causes flatulence, hence Indian try to counter by adding asafoetida (known as Hing) to dish. Dals are nutritious and rich in proteins. They are often served with hot rice, roti, chapatti, phulkas or naan.


Do try these recipes and delight your palate with different variations of dal.


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