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Top 10 Goan Dishes

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Goa is a small state along the western coast belt of India, famous for its exotic beaches and delicious coastal cuisines. The specialities of the Goan cuisine are a mixture of the Hindu and Christian community and also have influences from the Portuguese.


Traditional Goan staple foods consist of fish curry and rice and gradually have developed a cuisine combined with the Indian and Western flavors. Coconut is the vital ingredient in most of the dishes of the Goan cuisine. Goan food is a simple meal though not all of it is chilli hot, spicy and pungent.


The Goans make full use of their proximity to the sea coast by using fish, crabs, lobster, murrels and tiger prawns etc cooked in fresh coconut or coconut milk, garlic hot sauce or dry spices. Pork is a hot favourite among the Goans and they spend hours preparing delicious dishes from recipes often passed down through generations.


A typical Goan would prefer lots of seafood and other meats cooked in lots of coconut. The Goan style of meat preparation is adopted from the typical Portugal style of soaking meat in a concoction of spices before cooking. Goa truly offers a palatable gastronomic cuisine which should be tried at least once.


Most famous cuisines of Goa is the Ambot-tik. It is an exotic sweet and sour dish made of fish. Another famous and delicious local food is the Pork Vindaloo where the pork is cooked in spicy and oily gravy. It is said that if you taste the typical Pork Vindaloo from the Goan cuisine than you won’t like any other pork preparation.


Totally the Goan cuisine is an excellent mix of Konkan, the Portuguese and the Bahamani Nawabi. The amalgamation of this cultural mix has created umpteen varieties of mouth-watering and exotic delicacies that people crave to eat.


Goan cuisine primarily consists of a variety of Seafoods. Kingfish is probably the most common item on the menu along with pomfret, shark, tuna and mackerel are other hot favourites as well. Among the excellent shellfish available are crabs, prawns, tiger prawns and lobster.


Other seafood includes squid and mussels. Goa’s luscious coconut and fish based dishes draw in people from all over the world. Fenny, locally manufactured liquor is a must to have and often served all over Goa and is the most popular beverage.


Being through the Konkan coast means that the Goan cuisine shares the spices grown in the regions of the other stated on the coastal belt like Kerala and Maharashtra. Some of the very authentic and prominent dishes prepared in a Goan spread is Pork Vindaloo, Pomfret fried fish, Sorpotel, Prawn Balchao, Chicken Cafreal, Chicken Xacuti and Bebinca.


Authentically, the Goan delicacies are extremely fiery, but to make them apt for western palate, the dishes are mellowed down. Here go the top 10 Goan delicacies that are not to be missed.


Sorpotel Sorpotel or also called as Sarapatel is a popular dish of Portuguese origin and usually cooked in the coastal region of Konkan in Goa and Mangalore and also in the north-eastern areas of Brazil.Sorpotel is a traditional goan dish made of pork, live cooked in spices, coconut feni, vinegar and green chillies. The taste of the dish improves from day to day. It is a dish that is typically served during special occasions such as Christmas and weddings.


Sorpotel is a classic Goan delicacy which has a Portuguese influence and is often served with rice or sannas during festival days. It’s a colorful spicy red gravy dish that is nicely blended with various ethnic goan spices. This dish could also be served with either bread or naan. Normally the Sorpotel tastes excellent after a day or two when the spices really penetrate into the meat well.


Vindaloo Vindaloo, get its name from Portuguese term ‘vinho e alho’ which means garlic and wine in English. Pork is a must for any festive occasion in Goa and Vindaloo is one of the very popular meat delicacies. Vindaloo is a dish prepared using garlic and wine marinade. This dish is a spicy concoction made with lots of red chillies, garlic cooked with chunks of pork, Goa vinegar, and hard palm jaggery and is accompanied with plain boiled rice. 


Goan Shrimp Curry Goan Shrimp curry, an scrumptious seafood delicacy influenced from the Portugal cuisine. Coconut milk, rice and chillies are main ingredients of Goan delicacies which are often spicy and give an intense flavor to the soft shrimps. Goan prawn curry is a popular dish you will find served up in most of the home stays and restaurants. As this dish is influenced by the Protugal cuisine is rich in the tradition of food and is famed for its many unique foods.

Prawn Balchao Goan Prawn Pickle curry Prawn Balchao Goan Prawn Pickle curry is one of the most spicy Goan delicacy. Prawns are prepared in a blend of exotic spices added with the tanginess of tamarind and vinegar that makes this dish just irresistible and finger licking. The vinegar helps to preserve this dish for a longer period of time when refrigerated. So, you can eat Prawn Balchao both as a side dish as well as a pickle. 

Prawn Caldine Curry Prawn Caldine curry is a mildly spiced yellow gravy curry traditionally made with fish, but many people make it with prawns as well as vegetables. The mildly spiced peppy prawns are cooked with spices and coconut milk giving the dish a gentle silkiness and smoothness to the gravy. 

Fish with mild coconut curry sauce Fish coated with spices and grilled until done and served with mildly spiced gravy made of coconut and spices cooked in little coconut milk. 

Coastal Fish Fry Shallow fried Fish fry is one of the most popular western coast dish which is a must to try out. It is made with an amalgamation of spices that is applied on the fish, marinated and fried until crisp. 

Chicken Cafreal This is the equivalent of Portuguese-style grilled chicken and the sauce it is marinated in tastes a lot like the famous Portuguese Peri-peri sauce. Serve Chicken Cafreal hot with a fresh green salad. 

Sol Kadhi Sol Kadhi is a well popular traditional Indian beverage made with kokam in coconut milk. This is a common dish prepared along the western coastal region which includes Maharashtra, Konkan, and Goa regions. It is made with coconut milk, spiced with some green chillies, sweet and tanginess from kokum and flavoured with fresh cilantro. Looks very attractive in a very pleasant pink coloured drink that is served as an appetizer and is very good for digestion! 


Bebinca Bebinca is tempting sweet desert due to its wonderful texture. This pudding is prepared from the mixture of a layer upon layer made of plain flour, clarified butter (ghee), sugar, coconut milk, egg yolk, and almond slivers to garnish.


Most of the deserts have an impeccable blend of European extravagance and simplicity of Konkan cooking. Goan foods are explicit and exotic to taste. You must try and enjoy as its just worth it.


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