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Every thing about PALAK DAL | Vahrehvah, palak dal recipe, palak dal recipe :

Palak Dal is one of the nutritious dishes. It is one such dish which is the most popular comfort foods in India. Palak dal tastes awesome with the warm spicy flavor of the creamy lentils and spinach. Everyone has their own version of this dish. Hot rice and Palak dal make one of the most soothing and fulfilling combination. Like most of the Indian recipes, this is very adaptable and is cooked in different ways, with different lentils and different spices depending on the region where it is cooked and on the mood of the individual.

Dal or pappu is something that constitutes an integral part of every Indian meal. You'll find it whistling away in cookers in every home and hotel. It is seasoned with variety of spices and it tastes delicious. Flavorful, simple and full of nutrients, one is sure to get an amalgamation of great taste with wholesome goodness. Dal seem simple and basic at first glance, actually encompasses an amazing variety. It is usually an accompaniment mainly with rice or roti. Different types of dal are masoor, toor, channa, moong and urad. There are many dal recipes such as Palak Dal, Tadka Dal, Mango Dal, Dal Makhani, Cucumber Dal, Masala Dal, Dal Bati and many more….

Palak or spinach is one of the healthy greens that you can include in your meals. Spinach is an edible flowering plant in the family Amaranthaceae native to central and western Asia. Today, the United States and the Netherlands are among the largest commercial producers of spinach. It is a versatile vegetable. Spinach works well when combined with most or any type of cuisine whether you’re adding it to dalpastastir-friescurriesnoodles, pizza, etc., the culinary possibilities are virtually endless. Some of them are, Palak Moong Dal Fry, Palak Paneer Paratha, Crispy Spinach Fry Palak Pakoda, Aloo Palak Biryani, Palak Paneer, Palak Dal, Palak Makkai Malai, Palak Curry, Palak Gosht, Nadier Palak, Palak Methi Na Muthia, Oats Palak Roti, Palak Ki KadhiKhatti Palak Chutney, Palak Paneer Cutlet Patties, Potato Spinach Curry Aloo Palak, Paneer Bhurji, Aloo Palak Biryani, Huzooro Wale Palak Paneer, Palak Paneer Popcorn Samosa, Palak Pakoda, Palak Pachdi, Alu Palak Saag, Palak Paneer Pie, Khatti Palak Chutney, Palak Rajma Masala, Palak Raita, Palak Puri, many more..

Toor dal also known as Arhar dal is the most popular and widely consumed dal in India. Toor dal with its consistent taste, has reached the hearts across the world. This dal is known with many different names in different part of India, like Tuvar dal, Toovar dal. In Northern part of Indian it is known as yellow dal (peeli dal) or Arhar dal. Every region in India has its own combination of seasoning and cooking style of cooking Toor dal.  Toor dal completes the Indian meal with its tempting flavors and aroma. It is used in popular recipes like south India sambhar, Gujarati dals, the famous puran poli and lots of other tasty dishes. It has a thick gelatinous or meaty consistency, and takes a little longer to cook than moong or masoor dal.

Indian cuisine is highly influential and versatile. Indian food has gained prominence world-wide and Westerners have developed a palate for Indian dishes. The famous Indian dishes include the most sought after tandoor dishes like Tandoori chicken, tikka masalas, Idli-Dosa, Palak paneer, Dal makhani, Pav bhaji and breads like naan. The different tikka masalas offer the flavor of tandoori spices in rich thick gravy which goes perfectly well with Indian breads.

Cooking tips:

  • Allow the pressure of the cooker go down itself, then open the lid. Pappu will be cooked soft and almost mushy.
  • You can use ghee instead of oil for more nutrition and delicious flavors.

Healthy Tips:

  • The United States Department of Agriculture notes that toor dal can be used in both the protein and vegetablebecause of its excellent source of nutrition, carbohydrates and fiber.
  • Pappu or dal Contains a broad array of essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Dal supplies Folic acid, helps with healthy brain function and the production of DNA.
  • Toor dal contains folic acid, an important vitamin for all women.
  • Toor dal is also an excellent source of carbohydrates, which your body needs for energy. When you eat, food containing carbohydrates, your body breaks them down into glucose, or blood sugar.
  • Spinach is high in iron, vitamins A & C and even calcium.
  • Spinach is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, which improves your metabolism helping you burn calories at a faster rate.
  • According to ayurveda, bitter leafy greens likespinach have a stimulating effect on digestion.
  • Spinach leaves are high in protein, calcium, and carotenes–and, hence, a vital component of a healthyvegetarian diet.  
  • Spinach is also beneficial for skin and hair, bone health.
  • Spinach improves your brain function and is great for your eyes.
  • Spinach protect against inflammatory problems, oxidative stress-related problems, cardiovascular problems and cancers.

Palak Dal is definitely another great way to enjoy some spinach! It’s a comfort food which brings on warm fuzz feelings.

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