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Tomato Shorba

 Tomato shorba is a delicious and healthy dish which is said to have its roots in Persia and came to India along with the Mughals. Tomato shorba is very light and spicier with a lot more herbs in it. Tomato shorba is a good appetizer and aids good digestion process. Shorba is a delicious variety of soup or stew found in national cuisines across Eurasia. Shorba word is of Turkic origin and in the Indian subcontinent, the term shorba simply means gravy which is more of a soupy consistency and is served with naan, roti, pav etc.

Shorba can be made in various ways for example using lentils, vegetables or meat. Few of the popular shorba recipes are Chicken Shorba, Tomato Shorba, Looz Shorba and many more. Traditionally they were mainly non-vegetarian shorbas which were brought to India by the Mughals and later reinvented in various vegetarian recipes. The excellent part about Shorba is the ease of preparation and its versatility.

Typically they are not very spicy and use minimal onion, a little corn flour for thickening, a dash of lemon juice, coriander leaves and the usual whole fresh Indian spices used in Indian cooking. Tomato Shorba is a consommé made with the extraction of juice from chicken pieces and fresh ripe tomatoes with aromatic herbs and fresh flavorful spices. This dish is exceptionally an invigorating extract of tender chicken flavored with condiments.

Tomato is a vital ingredient in most of the recipes in Indian cooking and also the base to many dishes. Tomato gives an excellent tanginess, color and gravy to the dish. Tomato has many benefits to fight against diseases. The Lycopene present in tomatoes help fight against diseases and is a potent anti oxidant that fights against free radical activity.

The rich redness of tomato is due to the presence of Lycopene. Tomatoes are extensively used throughout the world in most of the cuisines. It is a versatile ingredient that is used from the soup to salad, main course etc. Tomato is rich in potassium and vitamin B and these two nutrients help lower blood pressure. Tomato Shorba is one among the aromatic, flavorful and delectable soups which is liked by one and all especially the vegetarians.

It is soupy, juicy, tangy flavor and has a wonderful smell or ripe tomatoes and fresh herbs and spices. It is healthy, nutritious and tastes great with toasted croutons. Tomato shorba is loaded with healthy compounds especially Lycopene. A homemade tomato shorba is healthier, cheaper and delicious to taste.

For preparing this unique and mouth watering tomato shorba, firstly boil the tomatoes in 1 liter water with onions, ginger, garlic, bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves, green cardamom, black cardamom, green chillies, chicken bones, grated coconut and simmer for one hour.

Make a roux of Bengal gram flour and mix into shorba till it thickens. Strain soup and serve with a garnish of fried whole dry red chilies on top.

This dish is an amazing dish filled with aromatic flavors of garlic, ginger and all fresh whole Indian spices. This would be a fantastic dish for those suffering from sore throat, cold and give a punch to your palate.

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Tomato shorba is appetizing, refreshing, rejuvenating and healthy especially in winter days to keep the cold away. Bones have high amount of connective tissue that gets gelatinized and flavor the water in which they are cooked. You can make the tomato shorba spicier by adding more whole spices while boiling tomatoes. You can also serve this dish as a light appetizer or make a full meal by serving it with vegetable pulao. Toss in some salad; serve tomato shorba with salad and garlic bread.

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