Dal Karonda

31 Jul 2014

Karonda Dal is a brilliant lentil stew based preparation made from lentils cooked along with karonda (a berry), flavoured with garlic cloves, curry leaves, spiced with green chillies and a pinch of sugar added to cut the tartness. The dal has a combination of flavours which is a medley of tangy, sweet, tartness and finally a faint bitter note that makes it strangely attractive. Karonda dal is often eaten with roti, chapatti or rice. Karonda is a berry like fruit from the cranberry family that originated near the Himalayas and is now available in several regions around Bihar, West Bengal, Karnataka and the Nilgiri hills. The raw fruit of Karonda has a sour, acidic taste along with a slight sweetness tinge when ripened. The raw fruit is best for preparing the karonda dal as it gives an exceptional pungent, natural flavours and freshness to the smooth lentil and spices cooked together. Karonda has a very high concentration of iron, which along with high Vitamin C levels makes it a v...