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Aloo Chana Chaat

Every thing about Aloo Chana Chaat | Vahrehvah :

Monsoon arrives and most of us crave for some spicy, tangy chatpata stuff to eat. Aloo Chana Chaat is one such awesome chaat which is very simple to prepare, fresh and refreshing to eat. It is a dish that is very flavourful combined with merging of boiled potato cubes, chickpeas, onions, tomato, coriander leaves spiced with chilli and pepper powder; flavoured with good amount of chaat masala and a dash of lemon juice added to give that extra kick.

Aloo Chana Chaat is oil free and a great snack to have as a salad or as tea time snack. This fantastic chaat surprisingly does not call for curd or yogurt like others chaat do but is blended well with sweet and tangy tamarind chutney to give a tickle to the taste buds. Sweet and green chutneys are an integral part of most chaat recipes which enhances the flavours of the chaat.

Aloo Chana chaat is a very popular Indian street food where Aloo means Potatoes and Chana means the chickpeas or garbanzo beans and chaat means snack. Normally you find this variety of snack prepared more often on the streets of North India.

This chaat has brilliant balance of relishes from the sweet & tangy tamarind chutney, spiciness from the green chutney, chilli powder, warmth from the cumin powder and earthy flavours from mint and coriander leaves that gives a striking thrill to the palate.

This dish rejuvenates and keeps us healthy and provides us with good nutrition. Who would not like to eat an appetizing chaat like this that bounds to get the taste buds jumpin for more? Chaat is a wonderful all-weather appetizer too. Appetizers are comfort and convenient foods, easy to pick up and a crowd pleaser for sure.

Popular Indian Chaats In India, especially in north India, you get a wide range of chaats sold at the street stalls. Delhi and Mumbai are some of the fast moving hubs where you find people thronging for their favourite chaats. Some of the very popular chaats are Bhel puri, Pani puri, Aloo Chaat, Papadi Chaat, Samosa Chaat, Aloo tikki, Ragda patties etc.

Every chaat has its distinctive chaat bursting with wonderful tangs. Potato is the most popular vegetable worldwide and is also a very versatile ingredient used in most chaat items. Potato flavour result from the combination of taste, texture and aroma.

Garbanzo beans or chickpeas are tiny marble-sized legumes that has a mildly nutty flavour and texture which can be butter or starchy. It also has a very meaty and unique taste. Garbanzo beans are an essential element in most Indian curries like chole, chana masala etc.

They are strong nutritionally specially for vegetarians providing a low calorie, fat-free and rich source of protein and iron. 

How to make Aloo Chana Chaat:


Potato, cut into small cubes          -           2 nos

Garbanzo (kabuli chana)               -           ½ cup

Chaat masala                                    -           1 tsp

Coriander, finely chopped             -           1 bunch

Cumin powder                                  -           1 tsp

Green chillies, chopped                  -           2 nos

Lime juice                                          -           1 tsp

Mint leaves, chopped                      -           ½ bunch

Onion, finely chopped                    -           1 no

Pomegranate seeds                         -           3 tbsp

Red chilli powder                             -           1 tbsp

Salt                                                     -           to taste

Sweet tamarind chutney                -           2 tbsp

Directions: Take a bowl and add the potato cubes (boiled and cut into small cubes) and garbanzo beans (soaked overnight and boiled). Add onions,green chillies, red chilli powder, chaat masala, coriander, mint leaves, lime juice, salt, sweet tamarind chutney, pomegranate seeds and mix well.

Add in some freshly roasted cumin powder and mix well. Serve fresh or chilled. So gear up, watch the video and from next time make fresh, sweet, spicy and tangy chaats where ever you wish to satisfy your craving and stay healthy too. Watch out at:

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