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Creamy Prawn Soup is a much admired and classic soup liked by most of us. It is an exceptional dish throwing a bunch of healthy stuff in a pot and letting it simmer to deliciousness. Soups are a very popular first course dish all over the world.

This creamy soup is easy to prepare filled with delicate flavors from basil and garlic and sweet and tangy tomato broth with a little kick from the clove. It's a tasty soup, perfect for cold autumn and winter dinners. In the chilly days of winter, this soup adds a burst of much required color and heat.

Nutrient-rich chicken cubes, celery, carrots and tomatoes are mostly responsible, although letting out a nice blend of spices from clove and aromatic basil and a garnish of cilantro and scallions also lightens up the bowl. Chicken and shrimp add plenty of protein but with all the vegetables, the soup still has a light refreshing flavor.

Creamy Prawn soup is generally served with some crusty bread to soak up the broth. Preparing soups are very easy with just throwing a bunch of healthy stuff in the pot and cook it on simmer, stirring in between. All that’s needed is only the preparation time for chopping. Yes, there are a lot of interesting ingredients that can be added in your soup, but if you scan the list you’re likely to find that you already have many of them on hand.

There are a variety of healthy soups that you can prepare. Asian soups are traditionally based solely on broths lacking dairy products such as milk or cream. They usually use refined starches from corn or sweet potatoes for thickening of soup. The quality of a savory soup is determined mainly by its fragrance or flavor, as well as, to a lesser extent, its mouth feel.

Many soups are eaten much for their flavor and for their health benefits and touted for their purported revitalizing or invigorating effects. Many of the Asian soups are consumed as a partial restorative and heavily linked with theories from traditional Chinese medicine. There are many varieties of such tonic soups, ranging from pungent to light in flavor, and from savory to sweet.

Soups commonly contain one or more meats (typically pork or chicken), Vegetable, and medicinal herbs. Shrimp soup is an excellent companion to any seafood meal. It is an excellent appetizer with many benefits. Soups re-hydrate your body. Having Omega-3 fatty acids in seafood are heart healthy.

Seafood soups play a major part of any diet as they are naturally low in calories, high in protein and virtually carbohydrate free. The vegetables provide additional vitamins and minerals making this creamy prawn soup a very healthy, well-balanced meal.

There are many different types of seafood and shrimp soups, made with their own regional spices, stock, and different preparation methods: Some of the popular ones are the Gumbo (Prawn Shrimp Gumbo), Chowder, Bisque, Mexican soup and Chinese soup etc. Other soups like Bamboo and Shrimp Soup, Mixed Seafood soup are truly luscious and flavorful to taste. They also are highly nutritious and carry a bundle of health benefits.

To prepare Creamy Prawn soup, wash prawns thoroughly and keep aside. In a saucepan add 5 cups of water and boil on medium heat and Add prawns, Bring to a boil and lower heat. Simmer uncovered for 20 minutes, remove from flame, and strain the broth and reserve Shell and devein prawns, Chop onions finely, Peel and chop carrot roughly, Crush garlic and chop deveined prawns finely.

In a large saucepan, heat butter and when it gets hot, add add finely chopped onion, carrot and garlic and fry on medium flame for 3 minutes. Add prawn stock, basil, chicken cube, salt, and tomato puree. Bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer uncovered for 5 minutes.

Remove from flame and blend in batches in a blender until smooth. Return to flame. In a bowl, mix flour and 1/3 cup water into a smooth paste. Add to soup, stirring constantly. Bring to a boil and allow soup to thicken. Lower heat and stir in cream and half the prawns. Place on heat gently for 5 minutes without allowing the soup to boil. Serve hot garnished with remaining prawns.

This simple Creamy Prawn soup has that distinctive and unique flavor - a balance of spicy, salty, sweet and sour. You will especially welcome this soup's warmth during the winter, when it can also provide you with added health benefits, helping to ward off the cold or flu. A very healthy soup that will boost both your mood and your immune system, leaving you feeling warm and energized! So sip, gulp, and enjoy!

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