KARELA FRY – BITTER MELON , recipeimage Dahi puri is one of the easiest chaat to prepare and can be had as evening time. 1 loaf
240 calories, 9 grams fat
Semolina Cumin powder Coriander powder Ginger garlic paste Carom seeds Salt All purpose flour Yogurt Oil

1. Take a bowl, add semolina, cumin powder, coriander powder, ginger garlic paste, carom seeds, salt and mix nicely. 2. To it add all purpose flour and mix it, later add yogurt and mix nicely to make dough allow it rest for 5-10 mins. 3. Divide dough into small portion and roll into poori and deep fry in hot oil. 4. Now puffed up sooji dahi poori is ready to serve and can be used for pani puri also.

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bitter melon - Karela Fry

bitter melon - Karela Fry

Karela also known as bitter melon or bitter gourd is one of the not so preferred vegetable by many especially the kids. They run miles away if the karela is prepared at home. None like it at all. But as per Ayurveda and many medical practitioners, karela is supposed to be one of the best vegetable with various essential vitamins and minerals. It is also said to be very good for diabetic patients and lowering the cholesterol.

Karela fry is an amazing dish which has a nice sweet, bitter, sour and little spicy taste. It is a quick recipe and delicious too. It is a rich source of vitamin A, B1, B2, C and Iron. Its regular consumption could prevent hypertension, eye complication, and blood disorders such as boils, scabies, itching, ring worm and fungal diseases. It also increases the body’s resistance power. Karela or bitter gourd acts as a blood purifier and is highly recommended during the onset of summer.

Bitter melon or bitter gourd is a tropical and subtropical vine widely grown in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean for its edible fruit, which has a rough, warty skin and is the most bitter among all fruits. Bitter melon is generally consumed cooked in the green or early yellowing stage. The young shoots and leaves of the bitter melon are also being eaten as greens. Karela is a vegetable that is very popular throughout India. It is often prepared with potatoes and served with yoghurt on the side to reduce the bitterness or used as subzi in North India.

The Karela is also stuffed with spices and fried. The stuffed karela is very delicious and not bitter to taste. In southern India, the karela is mixed with freshly grated coconut and fried or even added in the popular Sambar to make it a healthy and nutritious dish. This vegetable is also popular in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Trinidad and Tobago. The vegetable is prepared in many different variations to suit their taste. Karela fry is best when served with hot tandoori bread, naan, chapati or rice and lentil.

To prepare this dish, cut the bitter melon into thin slices and transfer into a bowl. Add salt and turmeric into it mix well and keep aside. Then mix bitter melon and if you wish to remove the extra bitterness then squeeze them well and remove the excess moisture and then wash them if required.

Heat some oil in a pan and when it gets hot add mustard seeds, ural dal, green chillies, curry leaves, chopped onions, salt and little ginger garlic paste and sauté them well for a min. Now add the sliced bitter melon into it and sauté them in a low flame and cook it well. Add coriander powder, chilli powder and sauté them again. Close with lid and cook for about 5 to 10 mins. Once done remove the lid and sauté the bitter melon pieces and add sugar and mix well and fry till the bitter melon changes its color into golden brown and crispy. Lastly garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves and switch off the flame.

An amazing dish that taste superb having many health benefits and nutritious! Do try this dish and for viewing the recipe click at:


For making this dish, select the right bitter gourd like choose unripe ones and avoid those that have turned yellow or have soft spots. Ripen ones can be excessively bitter. The smaller and tender variety is better than the bigger ones.

Bitter gourd has been found to have great medicinal value. In fact, it is said to have antidotal, antipyretic tonic, appetizing, stomachic, antibilious and laxative properties. This is the main reason why the vegetable is used in a number of native medicines of Asia and Africa. Bitter melon has enormous health benefits and nutritional value and benefits. Bitter gourd has been associated with lowering sugar levels in people suffering from diabetes. It is also said to be helpful in fighting against cancer and a number of infections. Regular consumption of bitter gourd has been associated with prevention as well as treatment of hypertension.


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