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Lime, Coconut, Mint Lassi is superb, mouth-watering, thick and creamy nutty flavoured Indian beverage made with mix of coconut milk, fresh mint (pudina), honey, lime (nimbu) and ice cubes. This is an excellent summer cooler that soothes your dried taste buds, refreshes and energizes your system.

Generally lassi means one would automatically think that it is made of yogurt but the secret ingredient in making this delectable and luscious lassi is the coconut milk. An implausible diary free lassi, simple and easy to prepare! The procedure is the same but with a little variation. Lassi is a common and traditional Indian beverage originally from Punjab made with blending yogurt and water, salt and spices until frothy. There are two varieties of lassi, one the sweet and other salt lassi.

A traditional lassi is normally flavoured with ground roasted cumin which is good for stomach. The lassi prepared at Punjab is sometimes made with little milk and topped with a thin layer of malai (cream) also known as Devonshire cream. Sweet Lassi is a latest version flavoured with sugar, rosewater, mango, strawberry,  pineapple,  lychee or other fruit juices.

Sometimes you find lassi added with the popular Roohafza sherbet which is a wonderful light pinkish coloured lassi served in Hyderabad. It’s a popular Hyderabadi sweet lassi. The combination of mint and lime gives that extra zest and sweetness from honey is smooth and fresh.  A glass of chilled lime, coconut, and mint lassi is truly divine and refreshing on any hot summer day.

Mint is a very common flavouring that is used for flavouring a variety of dishes, candies, beverages, chutneys,  chocolate etc. It has a very soothing and refreshing taste. It is commonly used to flavour teas and other beverages. Mint tea is one of the popular drinks. It gives a natural perfumed herbal aroma to any dish or drink. Mint has been used in healing remedies for many centuries now. It has a great natural smell and taste. It is commonly used to treat health conditions in the Middle East, India and Europe.

Mint is often used to settle a nervous stomach. It is a popular treatment for irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive conditions. Mint is believed to slow the effects of bacteria or fungus, and is also said to help control asthma and various allergies. The next time you want a fresh-tasting dessert or have an upset stomach, mint could be your solution.

Lime or the juice of lime is a vital ingredient to any cuisine from India and is used in dressings (Honey Lime dressing), pickling (lemon pickle), marinating, desserts (Key Lime Pie) and beverages (lemonade, Fresh Lime soda, Lime Rasam) etc. It is also used as garnishes. Lime is valued mainly both for the acidity of its juice and the floral aroma of its zest. Limes are excellent source of free citric acid, natural sugar, vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus. It contains far more vitamin C than the lemons.

Lime juice is an indispensable ingredient of salads. In fruit salads, it helps to retain the normal colour of fruits and imparts tart flavour. It is often mixed with cooked pulses, soups, sauces and gravies to make them more tasty and palatable. Coconut milk is a common ingredient in many tropical cuisines, such as Burmese, Cambodian, Filipino, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Sri Lankan, Thai and Vietnamese, as well as Brazilian, Caribbean, Polynesian, and Pacific islands cuisines.

It is the main base or sauce to many Indonesian, Malaysian, Sri Lankan and Thai curries. Coconut milk is consumed mainly because its soothing and has healing effect; to the extent that it can cure mouth ulcers. It is one of the important ingredients to various dish prepared in Kerala and Tamil Nadu especially slightly sweetened coconut milk is an accompaniment for appam.

In southern China and Taiwan, sweetened coconut milk is served on its own as a drink during spring and summer. It is made by adding sugar and evaporated or fresh milk during the process of preparing the coconut milk. Drinks using coconut milk as ingredients include Piña Colada and its non-alcoholic variant Virgin Piña Colada (Coconut cream may also be used).

Coconut milk is rich in protein but high in fat hence consume in moderate amounts. Finally I am in for making the Lime, Coconut, Mint lass. In a processor or blender combine the coconut milk and lime and blitz it until the lime is finely chopped (alternatively add the juice or peel of the lime only). Add honey and ice and blitz the drink until it is well smooth.

Pour the drink into a tall glass and decorate it with a sprig of mint and serve chilled. The lassi is ready to be served. Try it to cool off on a hot afternoon or alongside spicy food at lunch or dinner. Normally traditional lassi is a bit salty; hence this would make an exquisitely perfect for your taste.

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Tips: You can add different flavourings to make the salty lassi spicy according to your taste.

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