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Popular & Easy Homemade Cookie Recipes

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Biscuits or Cookies is one popular and classic snack that kids love to eat. They are also the best items to prepare when you are really in mood for baking. They are quick and easy to prepare. There are umpteen and endless number and variety of cookie recipes that are super simple and perfect to encourage making with kids.

You could make a variety of cookies with peanuts, oatmeal, all-purpose, chocolate chip flour etc. It is easy and simple to prepare cookie at home as per your taste. You could make them soft, crisp, chewy, thin or thick which will satisfy your inner cookie monster. Below are some fabulous batch of yummy cookie recipes that will surely satisfy your inner-self and delight your kids and family.

Coconut Cookies Cookies cookies is a very basic crispy and delicious biscuits made with all-purpose flour, eggs, sugar, butter and desiccated coconut mixed together and baked.

Cookies Melting Moments cookies are a delicious shortbread like cookies covered with sugar that literally melts-in-your-mouth.

Coffee Cookies Coffee Cookies are easy and super quick to make. Made with instant coffee, flour, sugar and butter mixed together and baked in shape of round cookies. 

Butter Cookies Butter Cookies are crispy, crumbling cookies made with very few ingredients and is great tea time snack. 

Kiss Me Cookies Kiss Me Cookies are fabulous cookies made with two different flavours joined means (kissed) by filling chocolate in between as its one ingredient that is mostly liked by one and all in the world. 

Cocoa Coffee Cookies Coffee cocoa cookies are excellent tea time snack made with short crust dough flavoured with instant coffee and cocoa powder. 

Custard Cookies Custard cookies are amazing shortbread having an excellent texture yet soft made with custard powder mix. 

Golden Goodies Cookies Golden goodies cookies made with desiccated coconut is a basic simple cookies that is taught in every catering college. They taste excellent and melt in mouth. These cookies are ideal tea time snack. 

Almond Horseshoe Cookies Almond cookies and almond biscuits are prepared in different ways across various cultures and in various cuisines. A delicious almond cookies has a plenty of benefits in health wise. Cookies made in horseshoe shape and rolled in almond flakes and baked. 

Lady Fingers Cookies Cookie made in a shape of lady fingers and dipped in chocolate before serving.

ll ages where masala meets the cheese in the form of cookies.


Golden Button Cookies Cookies made in button size and shaped .kid will love this kind of bite size cookies and also it is very easy recipe to make at home. 

Dipped Cherry Cookies Amazing soft cookies made with all-purpose flour flavoured with lemon essence and topped with cherries and baked. 

Orange Tea Biscuits These orange flavor cookies are flavored in twice by adding orange essence and caramelized orange zest on top of cookies.

I am sure that you will surely be enthralled in baking these exotic and yummy cookie recipes.

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