Vangyache Kaap

Vangyache Kaap is a mouth-watering, crispy traditional fritters from the Maharashtrian cuisine popularly known as Vangyache kaap where ‘Vangi’ means Eggplant and ‘Kaap’ means slices. This dish is unique with distinctive flavours that can pamper your tongue and make the eggplant palatable.

Generally Eggplant or Brinjals or Aubergines are disliked by many especially the kids. Kids very rarely eat this vegetable. To get them truly attracted towards the Brinjal, Vangyache kaap is the right recipe that is an incredible fritter, which is crispy to eat and hardly would they know that it is made with Eggplants.

Vangyache Kaap is simple and fast to prepare moreover flavourful and delicious too. This is a great chatpata snack best served in the evening. This Maharashtrian dish is generally eaten as an evening snack or starter. It is crisp, mildly spicy and very simple to make. Eggplants are usually considered as comfort foods and can be cooked in various variations. There is a similar dish that is popularly prepared in the state of West Bengal, namely, Begun Bhaja (Bengali Eggplant Fry). This dish is also prepared with the big sized eggplants and is popular for their size and taste. They taste little sweet after cooking. These fritters are especially fried in mustard oil which gives a unique taste to the Begun Bhaja whereas in Maharashtrian cuisine, generally groundnut oil is used for frying or cooking most dishes.

There are a variety of recipes that can be made with the big size variety Eggplants. This variety of eggplant or brinjal is also used for preparing the Baingan ka Bharta which is mildly spiced and is choice for many, mainly for its smoked flavours. Eggplant is an internationally popular vegetable that is used in making an array of delicacies. Some of my favourites are Vangyachi Barith, Bharli Vangi (Stuffed Eggplants) or Gutti Vankaikura, Eggplant Tomato Chutney, Eggplant potato curry, Eggplant and Sesame seeds, Baba Ghannouj, Mexican Eggplant etc.

Brinjal or Eggplant is popularly called the King of Vegetables by some cultures and is one of the most versatile vegetable that blends excellently well with the simplest of spices to the richest, to make the dish truly divine, flavourful and delicious. There are different varieties of brinjals available around the world and each has its speciality and unique taste in its own way with a distinctive flavour and many essential vitamins and minerals within it.

Vangyache Kaap is a delightful recipe that goes perfect with hot steamed rice, dal and curd. The eggplant is nicely pan fried with mild spices cooked to perfection, crisp and is sure shot a winner dish to your palates. They also taste wonderful with Varan bhat (dal rice) and are a feast on its own. Simple to prepare, fast to cook and yet taste yummy and delicious!

To prepare this humble, simple and lip smacking Vangyache Kaap, in a plate mix pinch of hing, black pepper powder, turmeric and red chilli powder together. In another plate, combine besan flour (chickpea flour) and fine semolina together. Make thin slices of eggplant and apply little salt on both side of the eggplant (this will stop the eggplant from discolouring). Sprinkle some spices over the eggplant slices and coat them well. Take the eggplant slices one by one and slightly press it in the besan and semolina mixture so that the mixture will get nicely coated to eggplant. Keep aside. Heat little oil in a tawa/ frying pan and arrange the eggplant slices on the tawa and fry on both side until they become crisp and golden in colour. Vangyache kaap are ready to serve. Serve warm with varan-bhat.

Eggplants are naturally low in fats and calories and are a wonderful source of vitamins and minerals. It also has good amount of antioxidants and is referred as 'brain food' as it helps to protect fats in the brain cell membrane. So including them in your regular diet would be a great idea and this recipe would also be loved by the kids as they love having fritters with less spice. Do give this a try and enjoy the taste. This recipe also adds more nutrition as it is pan fried and not a deep fried recipe.

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The brinjal or eggplant contains vitamins like B1 and B6. It also contains a good amount of potassium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, niacin, and folic acid. It is one of the most important vegetable valued for its high nutritive value. The eggplant has been found to have a great impact on the sugar levels of a diabetic person. This effect of the eggplant is because of the low levels of carbohydrate in the eggplant and also because of the fiber present in the vegetable. The eggplant is especially useful in preventing and reducing glucose levels of Type II Diabetes. Eating vegetables like the eggplant can help in reducing the weight of an individual as the vegetable contains a lot of moisture and low in calories. Regular eating of eggplants effectively controls obesity.

Enjoy Cooking!