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Chocolate modak is an exciting and delicious variation of making the traditional modak which is a sweet dumpling popular in western and southern India. Traditionally modak is a popular Indian sweet delicacy made with a sweet filling of fresh coconut and jaggery while the shell is of rice flour. The dumpling can be either fried or steamed.

Modak is a sweet delicacy which is prepared during the Ganesh festival is a must dish made in every Hindu household which is offered to Lord Ganesha as Prasad. It is believed that Modak is Lord Ganesha favorite food and hence is also known as modakapriya. During the Ganesh worship ceremony known as Ganesh Chaturthi in India, the puja sometime concludes with an offering of modaks to the deity as Prasad. Modak is known by various names like modhaka in Kannada, kozhakattai in Tamil, kudumu in Telugu etc.

Chocolate modak is very similar to the modak in shape but prepared with a combination of ingredients which includes the chocolate chips, desiccated coconut, walnuts and condensed milk mixed well together and put in the modak moulds and refrigerated.

Chocolate modak is a very simple and easy to prepare recipe for all those who would love eating fresh homemade chocolate. It is an exceptional way of attracting kids and all ages of people who adore eating chocolate. Chocolate modak looks very appealing, attractive and tempting. Everyone loves chocolate especially kids and adults alike, no matter what your age is. This recipe will teach you in making fantastic and exotic chocolate which would also bring out your creativity and passion in making different types and shapes of chocolate.

Chocolate chips are small chunks of chocolate and are often sold in round, flat bottomed teardrop shape. They are readily available in numerous sizes, from large to miniature. Originally chocolate chips were made of semi-sweet chocolate, but today there are various flavors which include bittersweet chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, butterscotch chips, mint chocolate chips, milk chocolate, white chocolate chips etc.

Chocolate chips are used in various other recipes for preparing cookies, pancakes, waffles, cakes, pudding, muffins, crepes, pies, hot chocolate and many other various types of pastries. They are also found in other food products such as granola bars and ice creams.

There are a various ways of making modak. Traditionally modak is made with a sweet filling covered with rice flour and steamed till cooked and eaten. Other version of making the modak is making the sweet filling with coconut and jaggery and the outer casing in covered made with maida flour prepared to a small puri and the stuffing in placed and closed well. This is latter deep fried until golden brown in color and then served. This type of modak stays for atleast 2 to 3 days but the modak made with rice flour needs to be eaten immediately.

Modak is also a part of the traditional Nasrani cuisine of the Syrian Christians of the state of Kerala. Manda Pitha is another dish similar to Modak which is prepared in eastern state of Orissa. To prepare this luscious and mouth watering delicious Chocolate Modak, firstly in a bowl, take chocolate chips, dessicated coconut, condensed milk, chopped walnuts and mix all ingredients well together. Divide into little portions and press them into the modak moulds. Refrigerate till set and serve.

Tip: You could serve these chocolate modak garnished with grated coconut sprinkled over. This would make the modak look very colorful and appetizing, a mix of dark brown and white color. Festivals and occasions never complete without preparing the exotic and delectable Indian sweets. Hence do try this amazing and enjoyable chocolate modak by clicking on the link for detailed recipe:

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