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Paneer Amritsari

Paneer Amritsari is an excellent and popular dish from the Punjabi cuisine usually sold in many restaurants to Punjabi dhabas. It is one of the hottest favorite dishes among the vegetarians. Paneer Amritsari is a tempting dish made with paneer or cottage cheese, onions, ginger, garlic, Punjabi garam masala, tandoori masala and other Indian spices. Paneer Amritsari is usually cooked on special occasions and is truly an awesome dish.

Amritasari food is lip smacking spicy and has an important significance to many popular dishes that includes Amritsari Macchi, Paneer Amritsari etc. Amritsar is a wonderful place in Punjab is well known for the Golden Temple and its flavorful and delectable food which has a unique taste with a typical Punjabi touch. Making the Paneer Amritsari is simple and easy to cook.

The paneer is dipped in a flavorful marinade and deep fried making it crispy and crunchy on the exterior and keeping it deliciously soft on the inside. The different chaat masalas adds just the right amount of punch and zest to the dish which makes it an excellent finger food at parties and a delightful treat to all the paneer lovers. Usually many think that non-vegetarian foods are extremely high in protein but that does not mean that vegetarian dishes lack in proteins.

There are abundant sources of proteins in vegetarians too which includes the milk, paneer and dals being the most popular and easily available ingredients. Paneer Amritsari is a vegetarian adaptation of the traditional Punjabi favorite dish – the Amritsari Fish. Using paneer in wonderful spices, succulent and easy to chew and rich in proteins makes this dish an exotic vegetarian pleasure.

Paneer Amritsari is awesome with its spicy taste and thick and rich gravy. Punjabi cuisine requires the skilful blending and cooking of paneer and vegetables with herbs, spices and other ingredients to produce a rich taste and smooth texture. The special blend of rich flavors in curries, gravies, tandoori rotis and basmati rice make the cuisine special and one of the most popular regional cuisines throughout India and the world.

However most of the spices do not dominate the dish but instead gently promote the primary ingredient, paneer or vegetables. Preparing the Paneer Amritsari is easy, firstly you need to cut the paneer into 1”x1”x1”cubes. Make a thick mixture of besan flour, salt to taste, ginger, garlic, turmeric, ajwain, garam and tandoori masalas. Sprinkle little water if necessary. Add ½ tbsp oil and mix well.

Use 2 tbsp mixture to marinate onions and rest to marinate paneer cubes. Marinate the paneer for 10 minutes. The paneer pieces to be either fried or grilled on a barbeque skewer or grill mesh till crisp and brown. Heat the remaining oil in a pan, add onions and sauté till light brown. Add the marinate paste, stir well and cook. When the masala get little dry add the fried paneer, chilli powder, anardhana powder, sugar and salt to taste. Toss all ingredients well and garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot with tooth picks to pick the paneer pieces easily. To satisfy your taste buds to the urge for Punjabi food, do try this amazing recipe and enjoy the flavors of paneer.

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Punjabi people have dynamic appetites and their love for food is visible from the food pallet they offer. Punjabi cuisine has undergone many changes, however the cuisine still remains synonymous with spicy, creamy and aromatic gravies. There are a variety of lip-smacking dishes like the Makki di roti, Mattar paneer, Chole Bhature, Chaamp Masala, Pista Lassi, Aloo Tikki, Lassi Patiala etc the literally gives a treat to the connoisseurs of cuisines. Paneer or Cottage cheese is very famous all over the world and a variety of different dishes and sweets can be made from this.

Paneer is native to India and has a lots of health benefits. Paneer is a very rich in nutrition. It is beneficial for every one i.e. all age people. It is having high quality protein than soya. Paneer taken in moderation in their daily diet could help reduce weight. Paneer is the storehouse of calcium and makes your bones stronger and helps men and women as they age against brittle bones. It is very easy to prepare Indian Cheese or "Paneer" at home. It is very light and digestive. Hence do make it a part of your regular diet in order to provide protein required by the body for growth and rejuvenate. Enjoy the paneer by making delicious dishes.

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